Sir Guy is coming to America soon . . .


Sir Guy is coming to American shores in a “Robin Hood” marathon beginning Sept. 22 on INSP Channel on cable and satellite. The channel isn’t part of everyone’s systems, but hopefully this will allow more folks to see some of his work beyond Thorin and TH. Even though I have everything on DVD, I still plan to watch as much as I can. I mean–it IS my darling Dark Knight!



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  1. I don’t know–do we think that America is ready for the overwhelming awesomeness (try saying that three times in a row as fast as you can) of Sir Guy of Gisborne in all his dark, raging splendor? I have it all on DVD as well and have been using it a great deal recently.

  2. Even with all the DVDs in my RA collection, there is still something special about seeing Richard’s performances on TV, in “real time” for want of a better term. So, is it all three seasons? What a feast!!

    • Yes, I always watched RH even though I had seen the final series on computer before it aired here in the US. There is something thrilling about having Richard on our tellies here! I don’t have all the specifics, but yes, I think they are airing all of it.

      • We do still get isolated episodes on BBC America, but they’re usually shown only one at a time and you never know when they’re scheduled. But a marathon? Unfortunately, I don’t think our cable system carries that channel.

  3. Remember–girlies—INSP channels was the one that cut North and South to shreds so they could get their commercials in every 6 minutes.– It is RA… Any RA is better than no RA. Oh don’t forget for those not willing to buy TH until the extended version it’s coming to one of the movie channels, I forgotten which at the moment, on October 22nd….when the first trailers for that came on Jon groaned–then I groaned–not a single trailer had Thorin in it.

  4. I have to agree with Mezz. I have all Richard’s DVDs but it is always great to see him on “real TV”. They have been re-running RHS3 on BBC3 in England and I have been glued to the TV. As per usual were Richard is concerned lol

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