The Final Tease : Richard Armitage’s Tornado Film –


Todd Garner is SUCH a tease . . . anybody else think there’s a noticeable difference in RA’s hair here in pickups and his previous movie haircut??

Armitage Agonistes

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  1. There certainly is a difference! Much longer than what we saw in previous clips and when fans met him on set in Detroit! Me likee!! 😉

    • Oh, me, too *squee* but now I am worried about continuity issues (such a worrywart). I wonder if they’ll do some digital doctoring of some of the earlier footage to make his hair match up? Or not bother . . .

    • Definitely not the same style he had during the initial filming. Admittedly, I prefer his hair a little longer, but it’s going to look a bit odd if in the space of the same 24 hours or so it’s suddenly grown. 😉

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