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Guyday Friday: Ladywriter, Uncle Guy & Scarlett


“Shhhhhhhhhh . . . .” Ladywriter pressed a finger to her mouth. “I think I’ve finally worn her down for a little while.”

Sir Guy gave a small nod and crept into the room–not an easy feat for a fellow with feet the size of our Dark Knight’s. Still, as LW knew, Sir Guy had a very soft and gentle side to him. And Lady Scarlett, the fabulous patchwork kitten newly adopted by LW and her mister, had managed to charm everyone (with the possible exception of Callie, who was still Not Amused).

Sir Guy peeped at the sleeping kitten, who was stretched out on the bed next to the small box she’d been playing in. He smiled and whispered. “She’s dreaming now. Look at those whiskers and toes twitching . . . have you thoroughly spoilt her yet, my lady?”

LW raised her fair brows. “Oh, Sir Guy, why do you assume I will spoil the cat?”


He gave her a sidelong glance, the corner of his mouth threatening to curl upwards, a mocking gleam in those eyes. “Do you not spoil every one of these furry creatures?”

LW shrugged sheepishly, and threw an indulgent smile in the kitten’s direction. “It’s difficult not to when they are as sweet and cute and lovable as Scarlett–and she’s so very happy to have a home, I think. She has so much love and affection to give.”


“Everyone wants a home, some place where they belong–and are wanted.” There was a wistful tone in Guy’s murmur. LW reached out and took his hand and pressed a gentle kiss to the back of it. “And you know you always have a home here–and in the hearts of all those who love you, Sir Guy .  . .”

His blue eyes softened. Sir Guy bent over and pressed a kiss to the top of LW’s tousled blonde head. “Thank you, my lady.”

A faint “meep” sounded and Scarlett, stretching her fuzzy paws, headed over to climb on her mama’s chest, kiss her nose, and knead her shoulder, purring all the while.  It is very hard to use a laptop with Scarlett on board, too.  Nigh to impossible.

LW laughed and lifted the soft, snuggly kitten up in her arms, giving her a little shake before passing her to the Dark Knight. “Why don’t you pester Uncle Guy for a while, you little charmer, and let me finish my work!”

The kitten fit easily into one of Sir Guy’s broad palms. “And what do you think you are doing, my lady Scarlett?” He waved an admonishing finger at her, his tone would-be stern.

“Meep!”  Scarlett blinked, then launched herself forward to kiss Sir Guy’s large and handsome aquiline nose with great enthusiasm.

Sir Guy was soon laughing, too. It was always such a lovely sound . . .


Sorry for a belated Guyday post. Scarlett has taken rather a lot of her mama’s time and Mama finally had to get some sleep, too!