Ladies & Gents–NEW RA pics! Curls STILL there! Whoo-hoo!


From the link below. Apparently RA was in attendance at a BAFTA tea party in Los Angeles today/tonight Sept. 21.  All photos taken by Kevin Winter of BAFTA LA,181495684,181495681&st=Search

Damn, how DOES the man just keep getting better looking??




SOOOO–other than the initial reaction of HOLY HEARTBREAKINGLY GORGEOUS!! Now I am seriously wondering what he is growing his hair out for—got to be a specific role he has secured, surely. Oh, answers, we want answers . . . thoughts? Drool cups? Cushions to collapse upon?

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  1. I’ve just seen these elsewhere.

    I’m fairly speechless at the moment ( a combination of the perfection of the man and getting ready to go to work and needing to keep some kind of a sensible head on) but ….Phwooooaaaaarrrrrrrr!

    My first thought was that the hair must be being grown for something – it’s not just random. I’m still hanging out for Ross Poldark. He looks very RP to me….

    Back later for an extended drool…

    • It’s a lot to take in when RL is rearing its head. I agree with everyone, it can’t just be random; Richard doesn’t have a past history of longer hair (with the exception of his musical career when he had the shoulder-length tresses for a whle) unless it’s for a role, as with Guy of Gisborne.

    • The possibility of Poldark seems greater now, but I am also trying to not get my hopes up too much. Still hard not to imagine him in snug breeches, tall boots, a white linen shirt minus its stock, open to show off the throat and glimpses of chest hair . . . ooooh, manly perfection.

    • Moment I saw the first photo, Ross Poldark came to my mind. Have spent the summer rereading the series (now on Book 8) and I just no longer see Robin Ellis but Richard. Like you, Teuchter, too scared to hope – to breathe!

      • I just got my books out to show my daughters ( and to read them the description of Ross Poldark, which is RA to a tee) and they have fallen apart! I read them so much as a teenager I had to stick them back together and even that sticky tape has peeled off. Daughters suggested I treat us to new copies but even then, I couldn’t part with the originals. Those stories are so special- if RA plays RP I might just expire with the excitement.

        And yes- I know I’m getting ahead of myself but it does suddenly seem more likely…

        • Yes, the fact he kept it through the pickups for the tornado film makes me think he’s committed to that hair for a specific reason, otherwise I am sure he would have cropped it again. Oh, I would love to run my fingers through that . . .

          • That’s exactly what I thought- he could easily have cut his hair for Black Sky if he had nothing else happening- in fact you’d think he would insist on it for the sake of continuity.

            I have such fond memories of reading the Poldark books, as well. I rewatched the series on DVD a year or so ago and I could just remember the joy of seeing it the first time all those years ago (over 35 years!!!).

            • Ha ha! But surely you were a mere child! Having reread the books and watched some of the old footage, it occurred to me how much more could be made of the books. It was all beautifully and tastefully done, but Winston Graham packed far more emotion and action and even violence into those books which were never fully portrayed in the BBC series. There’s a blistering frisson of sexual tension between Caroline Penvenen and Ross which never made its way on to the screen, for example. And some spectacular fight scenes!

              And yes, Bollyknickers, I’m with you. The fact that he’s said that an upcoming project is book-based, linked with the timing of the BBC saying Poldark is being remade, Richard’s hair, the fact the he IS Ross Poldark… Oh please, pretty please, nice BBC….

              It will do for him what North and South did but multiplied a myriad times. And, regardless of what others might say, there is absolutely nothing wrong in an actor being in a blockbuster film and then going back to a really good BBC drama. “Thinks Cumberbatch, Freeman, Jeremy Irons, Hiddleston…*

              • I quite agree- the original sold to many countries round the world and there’s absolutely no reason why this remake wouldn’t as well. Ross is such a strong central character, but with inner conflict – RA to a tee! All it needs is a good script and strong production values.

              • You also have the opportunity for Richard to put those superior horse riding skills to work; he looks a treat in period dress, and, agreed, the role would offer all the conflict, angst and some romance (yippeee!) that Richard can play so very well. May all the stars align . . .

              • I don’t think it’s a fair argument at all to say that today good, bankable actors don’t, or shouldn’t, move between performing in major films, good television and stage work. Wydville, you’ve given us excellent examples of that in your post. Hiddleston is “Loki” in a major comic book film franchise but also did The Hollow Crown (with Irons, who also did The Borgias but still acts in films). No reason “Thorin” (from a somewhat more vaulted piece of literature by Tolkien) can’t do the same sort of thing. And variety is the spice of life, no?

              • They are showing “Hollow Crown” on PBS here and I wish I hadn’t missed a chunk of the first part. Silly me hadn’t recorded it but they showed what will be coming in the next one and I thought Tom Hiddleston really nice. I looks as though it will be a good series. But never fear ladies! There is no *way* he could ever replace “our” gorgeous Richard!

              • Sadly because I’m in Canada I can’t view actual shows. Something to do with licenses crossing borders or such like. It can be pretty frustrating at times. I have spoken to their station over in Washington State but there is nothing they can do about it.

              • That stinks…I hate when I miss the first episode of stuff on PBS…happened with S3 of Downton Abbey, and I still haven’t caught up – except for the spoilers 😦

              • Actually I didn’t make that very clear! I can watch all the shows on their channel but can’t go on line to watch them. Does that make more sense?

              • I think we just know and understand each other very well. And have I mentioned I have the most beautiful, lively, delightful kitten in the world?? 😉

              • I DVRed and watched it and enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to HIddlestone’s performance as Prince Hal. He really does impress in his interviews as a very intelligent and astute and likeable actor–but I don’t get that punch in the solar plexus I receive from our guy. 😉

              • My Tom love is about tied with and pre-dates my love for Richard, which means that I (*cough*illegally*cough*) obtained downloads of The Hollow Crown last summer when it first aired in the UK. I can attest to the excellence of his performance as Prince Hal/Henry V.

              • Oh, I won’t say a thing as I saw Spooks, Strike Back and RH’s final season very shortly after they aired in the UK *COUGHING LOUDLY* A fangirl has got to do what a fangirl has got to do to feed her addictions . . . 😉 Yes, looking forward to Tom’s performance in THC.

            • Yes, because we all know such details matter to RA. I have to admit I have never read the books but I loved watching the series back in my early teens. Crushed on Poldark and loved his relationship with Demelza.

              • I read the books years ago and watched quite a bit of the series so I’m convinced Richard would be perfect as Ross. He could bring *so* much to that part and much as I enjoyed Robin Ellis I think Richard’s acting is, I think, far superior. I mean no disrespect to Mr Ellis when I say that.

              • I agree with wydville- there was so much passion in the books which didn’t make it into the series. Looking back, those books were quite racy for the time they were written and they still stand up well now. There’s a lot of scope for an actor to make the role his own- especially someone of RA’s calibre.

              • I looked at the books on Kindle a while ago and they are still selling at $15 each which is a lot for a book that is so old. That says to me people are still buying the books- that their popularity has never waned. I agree that nowadays actors can move between film and TV without shame – in fact the ones who are more interested in good projects than dollars in the bank would have to. There seems to me to be more integrity in an actor such as Pierce Brosnan who does big and small projects than someone such as Tom Cruise who only seems interested in chasing the next blockbuster.

                I’ve just been looking at the high res photo’s and he has definitely had some copper highlights put in. Not his natural copper but more plummy. Now ladies, let’s gather the evidence. What role would require a copper mullet?

              • If you ever have the opportunity they are a must-read. Winston Graham not only spins a brilliant yarn, but his writing style is breathtaking in its beauty. He has the ability to make you feel you are totally there, in a corner, watching on, and his descriptions of emotions and the turmoil of hurt that Ross endures are so real they are tangible. Every single character, however insignificant, is fully fleshed out, alive and real.You love, you hate, you *engage*. I know I bang on about “Wolf Hall” being the best book I have ever read (those who know me well yawn), however, the Poldark series comes in very close. One of his other books is “Marnie”, made into a Hitchcock film.

        • Well, we can dream and hope that something really wonderful is around the corner for him. If not this, then something else we will love just as much. We had books we read and re-read until they were literally falling apart, too. I know where you are coming from, dear Bolly. 😀

  2. That shirt colour is so good for him- enhances the beautiful blue of his eyes. RA doesn’t normally wear his hair that long for no reason, does he? I think a period piece, ie perhaps Poldark,is a good guess. If so, be still my heart!

      • I bet. I am just so busy right now between refereeing between new kitten and old cat and trying to work on edits for video production company, haven’t really had time to do much more than throw up that post and consider briefly how gorgeous he looks. Tomorrow won’t be any better either LOL

      • I’ve yet to get over to Tumblr. I came home from lunch out with friends to be greeted with these photos. Feeling overwhelmed and a little tearful….he is just so darned beautiful. Keeping my fingers crossed for Poldark too. Off to the mayhem of Tumblr *takes a deep breath* 😉

  3. Just been doing a bit more gawping/ogling and thinking what a great combination of *ooof * factors there are here. Blue striped shirt, hint of chest hair, tailored suit jacket, jeans, stubble, mesmerizing blue eyes plus waves and curls! Overwhelming to put it mildly!! *gasps*

  4. I really like how Richards hair does that curl and flair thing. Now I have to wonder what he thinks of it? I also have to wonder why I don’t like my hair doing the same thing? I do also like when he wears blue, it makes his eyes pop blue. He is sooo good looking.

  5. Report from Scotland indicates a Poldark role/re-make. So. Maybe. It would be delightful! (Though I loved the original Poldark TV series. Still, there’s room for one more!!!

    • I loved the original, too, and I have it on DVD. And there was an apparently inferior attempt at remake several years ago. So I think it’s time to produce a remake with a superior actor 😉 strong supporting cast and better production values than the original (which, admittedly, as most BBC productions from that time period, now shows its limited budget. Shot on videotape, very small sets, and so forth). If they can keep remaking Austen and the Brontes, they can certainly make room for a new Poldark!

  6. Have been out all day, so imagine coming home to this, even totally exhausted–God, he looks so amazingly wonderful. He can be Poldark, Athos, or Kermit the Frog–who cares? Just tell us, for Pete’s sake!!!!!

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