Thorin Therapy: All Hail the HAIR!


With the recent photos of RA’s growing Mullet of Magnificence, thoughts turn to Thorin’s long and flowing tresses, the sort of hair many a female would envy (and many long to run their dainty little fingers through, to braid and unbraid . . . *sigh*) Yes, ’tis a wig, but RA works that marvelous mane, baby and makes it, like the character, his own.

There’s nothing like Thorin and his . . . HAIR. Hallelujah, I adore it!

(all photo edits are by fedoralady. Please credit if posting elsewhere. Thank you!)








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  1. Everyone seems to have hair on their mind at the moment, don’t they, whether it be RA’s own or one of his alter ego’s?- quite the magnificent obsession! Thorin’s luscious locks are well deserving of our attention and due reverence.
    Up late, or couldn’t sleep, Angie? Hope all is well.

    • Yes, we have manes on our minds. 😉 I am up late, starting to wind down now. I went to the first read-through for our mystery theatre productions tonight and then did a little shopping and grabbed something from Arby’s afterwards. I am happy to say my performance as an inebriated wealthy widow was well received. Anyway, I’ve been catching up a bit on FB, posting some things for the humane society’s FB page, this post and also going over my lines. We only rehearse together once a week, so it’s up to us to do the memorization along the way. I get increasingly drunk during the first act and make a very unsteady exit. The act ends with a blood-curdling scream–mine. Yes, I get to be the victim!! 😀

      • Wow- what a great way to de stress. It’s like RA says, when you act you get to let out emotions (or in this case, dying screams!) that you can’t do in day to day living.

        • Exactly. First (in between constantly refreshing my drink) I get to accuse each of my heirs of potentially being the one who plans to kill me to get his or her share of my fortune ( I had received an anonymous letter detailing all the reasons why each might be the one) before my dramatic drunken exit. It’s great! *Heehee*

            • Yeah, 20 million. Sadly, I am also a WIDOW. Which I would NOT want to be in real life. And the character doesn’t either, which is why she’s been hitting the bottle pretty hard since his death by hit-and-run. Trying to decide what to wear. I have ordered a red dress which cost me all of $13 so if I don’t love it, I will come up with something else. But the president of the group and the director of my show told me tonight they definitely want me to wear a hat and big earrings (which I happened to wear tonight). Got plenty of hats, got big earrings. Need a bit more than that, though LOL

  2. I disagree with calling it a “mullet”. It’s not short up the front, in fact it’s just as long, if not longer due to simple geometry of it having to go over the top of his head.

    It is however magnificent, majestic, marvelous, and any other adjective you care to use to indicate it’s over-all awesomeness, and wouldn’t be half as perfect if it were not on Richard Armitage.

    • Mimi, I just love alliteration, so I went with mullet. 😉 Didn’t want to repeat “mane” too often. I joke a lot so, in general, please don’t take me too seriously. And welcome! The style does somewhat resemble Guy’s hair, and I believe even Richard himself jokingly referred to his “medieval mullet” on RH. I agree, It’s not *really* a mullet, and it *is* devastatingly attractive because this is a man who can make it so. 😀

      • I just hope the new “mane” is being grown for his next role–seems like it would work for Poldark or for “Discovery of Witches” or whatever. I could stare at it all day–I could stare at Richard forever.

        • No, no, the mullet reference was to Richard’s *current* hairstyle, not to Thorin’s hair/wig. I said thoughts of the Mullet of Magnificence seen in recent pix led to thoughts of Thorin’s mane. You can’t call Thorin’s tresses anything but a mane. You misunderstood me there. 😉 also, I have had zero sleep overnight so maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough.

          Oh, Richard has been referred to as “Sex on Legs” for quite a while now–long before Thorin. 😉 But yes, it’s his innate charisma and sexual magnetism, the magnificent voice and those expressive eyes, that make Thorin such a sexy character. Wouldn’t have been the same with most any other actor.

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