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Seeing with the eyes of wonder and delight: lessons learned from Scarlett


OK, if you aren’t following my newest blog yet, here’s your chance. ūüėČ Trying to be a Positive Patty and not a Negative Nancy . . . learning from my newest family member. ūüėÄ

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

As most of you know, we now share our home with a¬†‚Äúmocha calico‚ÄĚ (Benny has dubbed her)¬†named Scarlett.¬† Like the heroine who is her namesake, Scarlett has gorgeous green eyes, a beguiling¬†voice and plenty of¬†charm and determination¬†to spare. The world is her plaything, her oyster, waiting to be explored and conquered.

I get a great deal of enjoyment out of watching Scarlett at play and at rest; how she watches with keen, wide-eyed¬†interest the moving images on the flat screen, plans her assault on that rogue¬†bit of bungee cord¬†and ponders whether or not to cross the hallway (just in case a certain ill-tempered feline named ‚ÄúCallie‚ÄĚ is hiding somewhere nearby, plotting an attack . . .), sleeping peacefully, blissfully¬†with four fuzzy legs in the air.


It’s been a long time since we had a kitten here. I’d forgotten just how much fun they are. And how lacking in jadedness, ennui and…

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