Daily Archives: October 13, 2013

Another brief mention of ‘Poldark’ & assorted stuff


1239612_211415219019796_448806317_nA very brief mention of RA in relation to the upcoming remake of “Poldark” . . . still just speculation at his point, but it’s fun to see his name being bandied about–and it’s an excuse to post a pic of him with his Poldark hair. 😀


And here’s a link to a chance to win a copy of the excellent Visual Companion book to the first Hobbit film, complete with autographs of Richard, along with Sir Ian, Martin and Cate. 😀



And I share this from the Lee Pace 100 Percent Talent and Beauty page on FB–I may not like what I have previewed seeing of Thranduil’s treatment of Thorin, but I have to say Lee does look quite beautiful and fierce here alongside (the beautiful and fierce) Thorin. Lee is a fine actor and I have no doubt he’ll make a magnificent (if maddening!) elven king.


Now I think I am going to see if I can get back to sleep (crashed before 11, woke up at 3 to a certain kitten kissing me). I will post about our interesting weekend at Honeysuckle and Sweet Tea later . . . hope you all are having a good one. 😀