Another brief mention of ‘Poldark’ & assorted stuff


1239612_211415219019796_448806317_nA very brief mention of RA in relation to the upcoming remake of “Poldark” . . . still just speculation at his point, but it’s fun to see his name being bandied about–and it’s an excuse to post a pic of him with his Poldark hair. 😀

And here’s a link to a chance to win a copy of the excellent Visual Companion book to the first Hobbit film, complete with autographs of Richard, along with Sir Ian, Martin and Cate. 😀


And I share this from the Lee Pace 100 Percent Talent and Beauty page on FB–I may not like what I have previewed seeing of Thranduil’s treatment of Thorin, but I have to say Lee does look quite beautiful and fierce here alongside (the beautiful and fierce) Thorin. Lee is a fine actor and I have no doubt he’ll make a magnificent (if maddening!) elven king.


Now I think I am going to see if I can get back to sleep (crashed before 11, woke up at 3 to a certain kitten kissing me). I will post about our interesting weekend at Honeysuckle and Sweet Tea later . . . hope you all are having a good one. 😀

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  1. Breathless, starring Jack Davenport is airing now, not 2014 it makes me wonder how accurate these articles are.
    Changing the subject…….have you heard that the guy who had taken on ‘the poison chalice’ that is 50 Shades of Grey has thrown in the towel saying he is ‘ too busy with TV to do the role justice.’

    • I saw that–I have to wonder if Charlie just realized it wasn’t the best career decision and decided to opt out. He’s been in some critically well-received material like the original “Queer as Folk” and now “Sons of Anarchy” . . . why move backwards?!

      As for the article, I don’t put a huge amount of stock in them, frankly, but it is fun seeing Mr. A’s name in print. 😉

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