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Strike Back: Origins now on the (U.S.) horizon


Serv shares link to promotion for Strike Back:Origins and ponders how it will play out with American audiences. What do you guys think? And will you plan to watch?

Me + Richard Armitage


RACentral just posted the advertising embedded above on YT. I think we’ve seen most of this before; I don’t remember if I heard Richard Armitage say he didn’t expect to be thrilled by having a gun in his hands, but I think I’d seen all of the rest of it. Experts, correct me if I am wrong. I do remember Armitage saying in a radio interview that the show was supposed to be about more than guns. But boy, do they foreground it here. Lots of guns! Don’t worry there’ll be too much quality here; there’ll still be plenty of guns!

I am not a Cinemax customer, so I won’t see this again on TV (I own a region-free DVD player and the UK DVD). I haven’t watched these episodes in quite a while (sometime in the spring), and the only pieces of the subsequent series of the show…

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