Guyday Friday: Anachronistic never looked so good.



OK, so the sleek and slinky black leather togs sported by our favorite henchman weren’t exactly historically accurate. Are we really going to complain about it?


Because Guy + Black Leather = Mmmm, mmmm good.


And he knows it, too, the rascal. 😉


Of course, he also looks mighty fine underneath all that buttery soft black leather . . .


Happy Guyday Friday!

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  1. Okay, so, the pants I will grant. They are a piece of art on him. But am I the only one who thinks that doublet is just atrocious and poorly-fitted? It’s like he’s going around doing the sheriff’s evil bidding in a black garbage bag. Not terribly intimidating. And don’t even get me started on the poor fit of those gloves he was forced to wear in nearly every scene. They must have been designed for someone the size of Andre the Giant. For a man attentive to the sensitive emotive qualities of hands, that must have been Hell. But that doublet just kills me with how hot it *could* have been, and how baggy and shapeless it is instead.

    • II agree, the fit could have been better. Never understand why the gloves were so clunky (boots clunky, too). Now he had some really sleek coats/jackets that second season–thinking of casino ep. Well, also his groom’s outfit first season. My theory is this–Robin was supposed to be the hero, right, so they couldn’t have Guy looking as truly sexy as he could look. 😉 Also they may have needed to leave room for those ice packs to keep the man from overheating . . . of course, S3 is still my fave season. 😀

  2. I’m still not sure who thought Robin was still the hero after Guy showed up–but that last one makes me drool all over the place still after all this time.

    • Well, he was the titular hero—but for all intents and purposes, many hearts, souls and libidos were hopelessly enthralled with Sir Guy as time passed, if not immediately. Yeah, that scene in Locksley Manor, Guy’s bare skin burnished in the firelight . . . purrrrrrr.

      • I can’t even remember how many times I played and replayed this scene after I finally regained consciousness after seeing it the first time–and thinking what a total froot loop Marian was to reach out yet not touch all that gorgeous manliness. I don’t think I’d have cared if I saw someone watching through the window–I was a goner for Guy as soon as he rode onto the screen in the first episode.

          • He just looked SO unbelievable with the firelight reflecting off of all of his beauty–could not take my eyes off of him. Didn’t matter how many times I watched it.

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