It’s an awfully good face, isn’t it?


I have a small, fuzzy, extremely warm kitten on my chest and—saints be praised–her older sister napping at the foot of the bed. They have been in the same room for several hours without a single skirmish, without hissing, growling, laid-back ears or bugged-out eyes. Maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Speaking of light . . .

I’ve been looking through the screencaps from the Cinemax interview. If you haven’t seen them yet, RA Central has them posted in their gallery:

I’ve been thinking about Richard’s face. A good face, and I don’t just mean the juxtaposition of those elegant cheekbones, firm jaw, classical aquiline nose and long-lashed eyes. It is certainly aesthetically pleasing.


But there’s more. There’s the humor and humility, the passion for his craft, the intelligence, the polite and thoughtful nature, all those qualities that animate his striking features and bring a beautiful light into those eyes with their ever-changeable color.


It’s a face that expresses so much and yet also keeps us guessing. The face of a private man who leads with his feelings in his chosen profession. A face that is somehow ageless and timeless.  A face that holds such an arresting masculine beauty that even when the subject is tired as he appears to be in the interview, it’s still quite enough to take one’s breath away.



And the smiles . . . oh, those smiles. Reflected in the eyes, accompanied by crinkles, radiating bonhomie. It really is true. Whenever I see RA’s smiling face, I have to smile myself . . . I just can’t resist.


Yes, an awfully good face. And, I believe, a good man. Can’t wait for more people to discover his powerful, magnetic, kick-ass performance as Sgt. Porter.

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. It’s his smiles, the smiles in his eyes as if he is smiling with his whole being, that make my insides melt into caramel goo. I can’t help smiling back.

  2. (sigh) It does my heart good to see him like this. And HOORAY for a day of truce between the kitties!! I know there’ll still be bumps in the road, but hopefully they can keep the peace going…. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. He does have a wonderful face. It’s not just that he’s good-looking (which he certainly is), but he has a kind face. He seems like a truly good person. And Scarlett is adorable, by the way! Glad to hear the furry cuties are getting along. Hope you’re doing well, too. Xoxo.

    • Yes, it’s more than mere handsomeness. It’s what I perceive as the character of the man enlivening those features and making them all the more appealing. That sense that this is a good, honorable, decent human being. And yes, Scarlett IS adorable. She continues to charm me with her personality as well as her beauty. As for me, hanging in there. 😀

      • Glad to hear that the kitties have declared something of a truce for the moment–and still hoping (of course) that our guy’s new look is being cultivated for an upcoming role. Hope things are well with you.

        • I’m OK, just a bit tired. We had our rehearsals tonight and went through the play twice and I am on my feet a lot during the performance. Knee is giving me some trouble. Same ol’ same ol’ 😉 I am really enjoying it, though. Fewer skirmishes between cats, although they nearly gave me a heart attack night before last. Scarlett was on my chest sleeping and Callie jumped her in the dark. Rude awakening, let me tell you!! But there seem to be fewer of the attacks and they do periodically spend time in the same room together now. Baby steps . . .

          • Hey, ours have all been together for years now and they still fuss and scrap when the spirit moves them–I think it’s just a territory thing.

            • Yeah, periodically our other cats would get on each other’s nerves–it’s just the way things go–but if it can just reach the point where I am not afraid to leave them alone together any length of time, I will be happy. And things *seem* to be settling down . . .

  4. There’s an old song by the Carpenters (never was a big hit, but cute) where the lyrics say “Need to see your sweet, sweet smile every day” and I think of it every time I see him. He does look very tired here. but still adorable–I hope those seeing the original (and for me, the only) “Strike Back” will show audiences what it started out to be and win new (and well deserved) legions of fans for our guy.

      • Yes, I hope so as well–unfortunately for me, I saw the Cinemax trailer for “Origins” earlier this evening and saw the scene I never wanted to watch (Porter’s death scene). It wasn’t as gory as I’d expected, but still very unsettling and difficult to watch.

          • Completely brutal–I must say that Richard played it beautifully, though. I just–never really wanted to see it. I hope his next project winds up with him alive in the end, even if he is so good at playing death scenes

            • It is yet again a brilliant piece of acting–but I could have happily gone on my entire life without ever seeing that. Porter is a character I truly love and I’d invested a lot of time and effort into writing “Truce” so I was very protective of him, too–well, I am of all the characters, I suppose. But losing Guy, Porter and Lucas was just TOO much. I think even RA mentioned something about needing a script where he didn’t end up dead. Amen to THAT!!

    • Maybe. He seems happy, relaxed and confident in recent pics. Whatever the reason may be, he seems to be content with where he is in life. Not really consistent with being out of work for a year now.

      • Don’t think I’d really call the last year “out of work”–he’s been finishing up Hobbit stuff and had to go back and do some reshoots for “Into the Storm” (also becoming known as the movie we may never get to see), plus all the promo stuff, which will begin again in just a few weeks for TH: DOS ,not to mention the promo stuff he’s had to do recently (very unexpected, I’d think) for “Strike Back–Origins” since Cinemax has now decided to show the first season here in the states–if this is considered being out of work, it’s making me tired just to recap it. Maybe he just decided to take it a bit easy for a little while.

        • Lets see. Ten weeks for the Hobbit plus a bit for ITS in January and in September. Two weeks in total perhaps. Two weeks Hobbit PR last year, a few days in Sydney, the occasional day over the year, in London for the DVD in spring, now for DOS, the BAFTA event in LA. I am not aware of anything for SB apart from this one four minute interview. Leaves about eight months. Nope, not feeling tired thinking about his schedule.

      • He seems happy and comfortable in his own skin. If he feels he’s at a place in life where he can take a bit more time off, who am I to say he shouldn’t? We still don’t know what else he has lined up . . . I do think that longer hair is for some role, Poldark or not.

  5. He is gorgeous and oh, so very slim, almost as slim as series 7 Lucas. Note to self: watch Strike Back ASAP :-).

    I am glad your kitties seem to get accustomed to each other.

  6. When he smiles so strongly like that I feel like that is the real Richard shining out of the interview and he is feeling relaxed and happy with no pressure. I hope that he always has time to feel that way in his career because it will keep him looking as young as he does now.

    • i agree, Peggy. I like his quiet confidence and the way he seems so comfortable in his own skin and really enjoying this time in his life (even if it tires him out a bit). His zest for living–and I really think he has one–will always give him a youthful spirit, methinks! 😀

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