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How do I like this picture? Let me count the ways . . .



Courtesy of Richard Armitage Argentina; (EDIT) original screencap, not cropped, can be found here: http://microlina.tumblr.com/post/65214650488/to-all-the-expert-out-there-is-it-an-ipad-its  (thanks for heads up on this, Micra 1!)

I love the open shirt and the peek at the manly chest hair . . . the well-worn jeans snug over that luscious muscular thigh . . . the amazing architecture of that hand as he pecks away at his tablet (?), the hair, slightly disheveled and I am thinking, a little damp from a recent shower . . . the three-quarter view of his face allowing us to see his intent gaze and one of those arresting elfin ears, the handsome aquiline nose . . . the beard . . . oh, so many things. *sigh* *thud* *drool*

OK, back to trying to get some paying work done . . .

“Armitage is Excellent” -Strike Back:Origins Review


Love this review of RA in SB. 😀 The critic really seems to get what he was trying to accomplish with the role.

Armitage Agonistes

Our worries that Strike Back: Origins would not be well received in the U.S. because of its more serious tone, turns out to be unfounded. The reviews have been from good to excellent. So far, anti-Americanism has not been much of an issue – but we should be mindful that this first episode and the second, isn’t as anti-American as the last two episodes which take place in Afghanistan. But by then, viewers will be hooked.

strike-back-porter-contact_optArmitage Agonistes investigative reporter KatharineD ferreted out this review by  Hot Extract , a website dedicated to commenting on films, TV and games in the military  genre with a focus on authenticity. The review doesn’t fall squarely into the goal of  Servetus’s  Me and Richard ( 2 posts) and my own  recent reports of reviews  – which is to see how Origins has been received here in the U.S. compared to the American…

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