Be it Richard or Thorin–goodness gracious, it’s ALL good.


I came in after another night of rehearsal for our mystery theatre, simultaneously tired and wound up. I’d been away from the computer and internet since the early hours on Monday, so there were lots of goodies to peruse when I finally got around to it. FB had a lot, much of it from Pinterest and Tumblr, it seems. All the edits are my own.

I didn’t get the Extended Edition digital download–slow connection and limited space weighed in against it–but I must confess I do enjoy the images thus far captured and shared hither and yon.  And I have to have a little fun with it, too. 😉




Seriously, I love the behind-the-scenes glimpses of our ever-attentive and focused actor at work and those rare moments when RA’s glorious grin shines through the Thorin guise and makes my heart do a curious flip-flop. I delight in the masculine beauty personified by Richard Armitage.



Oh, dear. The nape curls. The downcast lashes. The beard.  The desire to tease those soft little curls with tips of my fingers and lay my cheek against his beard . . . *whimpering just a little*


Oh, sweet mother . . . the THIGHS.  Not to mention the biceps. And shoulders. And just general . . . yumminess.


Oh, what a handsome dwarf prince he is . . .


Oh, and this image below~~~our Richard presumably studying his lines between takes . . . *sigh* Wanted to give it the feel of an old photograph.


Tonight I am watching the film on HBO and reveling in the beauty he also brings to the complex and conflicted character of this mighty dwarf warrior. And there’s more of it to come in December . . .







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    • How can he possibly get ever more attractive as the time passes?! And it’s not just the very appealing exterior, but all the good things going on inside that man that shine out on us.

    • “HOT DAMN!!!” is a favourite of mine.
      And doesn’t he just look as if he’d smell absolutely delicious? All fresh and healthy and brimming with well-oxygenated blood and other good things.

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