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Guyday Friday: Anachronistic never looked so good.



OK, so the sleek and slinky black leather togs sported by our favorite henchman weren’t exactly historically accurate. Are we really going to complain about it?


Because Guy + Black Leather = Mmmm, mmmm good.


And he knows it, too, the rascal. ūüėČ


Of course, he also looks mighty fine underneath all that buttery soft black leather . . .


Happy Guyday Friday!

Thorin Dancing! From Extended Version of AUJ


Have fun watching Thorin dance in this gif–apparently from the German version of the EE of TH:AUJ!

Armitage Agonistes

From AnUnexpectedDwarf on Tumblr -don‚Äôt ask me how. There‚Äôs another one on the site with the ¬†dwarves acting raucously. I noticed that on Tumblr, this image from this blog being shared, is way larger ‚Äď so if you‚Äôre interested, search #Richard Armitage on tumblr and it should come up. [ETA: Servetus found the probable source from TORn ¬†and gave the link her comment ‚Äď see the German Trailer for the EE.


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Thorin Thursday returns: Fun with Photo Editing! *thud*


My schedule has been a bit thrown off this week as far as posting, so no Thorin Therapy for Tuesday. After covering the bar mitzvah last weekend, I had photos to sort through and¬†edit and a play rehearsal to attend;¬† both Monday and yesterday I delivered some of the items I’ve been selling to pay for Benny’s birthday gift. The Google Nexus 10 has been ordered and should arrive Friday (hooray!).¬† I hadn’t quite reached my monetary goal but took a leap of faith more funds would be forthcoming. And it’s happening.¬† ūüėÄ


In RA-related news—I FINALLY saw the trailer. On the big screen and in 3D at our local cinema last night before “Gravity.”

You know, I am still not certain I love 3D (although it was very effectively used in “Gravity”). But I do¬†love seeing majestic, moody, beautiful¬†Thorin larger than life, the magnificent¬†rumble of that voice filling the theater.¬† As I said at Serv’s blog, when Thorin spoke, I was nodding in agreement. “You tell ’em, Thorin!” I whispered fiercely. Benny laughed. I didn’t care.


And then I saw the¬†poster image¬†of Thorin today at Servetus’ blog. WOW. That image stuck in my head as I went about my business.¬† Had a lot to do earlier, but tonight I simply had to play with this image of a fiercely beautiful warrior dwarf. I don’t know if it’s correct to call a dwarf “manly” (should it be “dwarfly” instead?) but manly, he is. And I’d follow him anywhere and everywhere to the ends of (Middle) Earth.¬†¬† The rest can have Leggy and Thrandy¬†and Bard and Smaug–give me the one and only Thorin Oakenshield!




screen-shot-2013-10-16-at-3-38-55-pm (1)

Strike Back: Origins now on the (U.S.) horizon


Serv shares link to promotion for Strike Back:Origins and ponders how it will play out with American audiences. What do you guys think? And will you plan to watch?

Me + Richard Armitage


RACentral just posted the advertising embedded above on YT. I think we’ve seen most of this before; I don’t remember if I heard Richard Armitage say he didn’t expect to be thrilled by having a gun in his hands, but I think I’d seen all of the rest of it. Experts, correct me if I am wrong. I do remember Armitage saying in a radio interview that the show was supposed to be about more than guns. But boy, do they foreground it here. Lots of guns! Don’t worry there’ll be too much quality here; there’ll still be plenty of guns!

I am not a Cinemax customer, so I won’t see this again on TV (I own a region-free DVD player and the UK DVD). I haven’t watched these episodes in quite a while (sometime in the spring), and the only pieces of the subsequent series of the show…

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Another brief mention of ‘Poldark’ & assorted stuff


1239612_211415219019796_448806317_nA very brief mention of RA in relation to the upcoming remake of “Poldark” . . . still just speculation at his point, but it’s fun to see his name being bandied about–and it’s¬†an excuse to post a pic of him with his Poldark hair. ūüėÄ

And here’s a link to a chance to win a copy of the excellent Visual Companion book to the first Hobbit film, complete with autographs of Richard, along with Sir Ian, Martin and Cate. ūüėÄ


And I share this from the Lee Pace 100 Percent Talent and Beauty page on FB–I may not like what I¬†have¬†previewed¬†seeing of Thranduil’s treatment of Thorin, but I have to say Lee does look quite beautiful and fierce here alongside (the beautiful and fierce) Thorin. Lee is a fine actor and I have no doubt he’ll make a magnificent (if maddening!) elven king.


Now I think I am going to see if I can get back to sleep (crashed before 11, woke up at 3 to a certain kitten kissing me).¬†I will post about our interesting weekend at Honeysuckle and Sweet Tea later . . . hope you all are having a good one. ūüėÄ

GuyDay Friday: Let’s hear it for the Guy!



Whether spying on Hoodie and the Sister from Hell in a forest glade . . .


Or smouldering in some dimly-lit castle corridor . . .


Or screaming like a man who has toppled over the edge into madness . . .

BeFunky_rh108_091 (2)guygrinsht

Or sexily smirking in the face of Hoodie’s threats and bluster (and launching a thousand fantasies!)


Sir Guy remains the Hot Velveteen Henchman—our ORIGINAL Dark Knight.

And, oh yeah–don’t refer to him in the past tense. He IS, after all, SOOO Not Dead.

ariane179254_RobinHood_3x11_TheEnemyOfMyEnemy_2576 copy


Perhaps there’s a(nother) reason we all “follow” Richard …


In case you missed this post from Zan, a really nice interview with Jed Brophy talking about his respect and admiration for RA. ūüėÄ

Well, There You Go ...

‚Ķ other than the visceral one with which some of us are afflicted. ūüėČ

TORn has posted a wonderful interview with Jed Brophy. jedbrophy I found it to be entertaining and informative.  It’s a lovely insight into Jed’s thoughts about his craft, his experiences, his hopes.

One of the many interesting bits that I read was how he expressed his deep respect for Richard.¬† When asked about the physical preparation needed for The Hobbit films, he responded, ‚Äú‚Ķ I was lucky enough to train alongside Richard Armitage a lot during the early part of the shoot and again on location, and he inspired me to train the hardest I ever have for anything. He is so strong mentally and physically and like his character I felt compelled to follow him ‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

At another point in the interview, when asked about which actors he would really want to work with, he…

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Seeing with the eyes of wonder and delight: lessons learned from Scarlett


OK, if you aren’t following my newest blog yet, here’s your chance. ūüėČ Trying to be a Positive Patty and not a Negative Nancy . . . learning from my newest family member. ūüėÄ

Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

As most of you know, we now share our home with a¬†‚Äúmocha calico‚ÄĚ (Benny has dubbed her)¬†named Scarlett.¬† Like the heroine who is her namesake, Scarlett has gorgeous green eyes, a beguiling¬†voice and plenty of¬†charm and determination¬†to spare. The world is her plaything, her oyster, waiting to be explored and conquered.

I get a great deal of enjoyment out of watching Scarlett at play and at rest; how she watches with keen, wide-eyed¬†interest the moving images on the flat screen, plans her assault on that rogue¬†bit of bungee cord¬†and ponders whether or not to cross the hallway (just in case a certain ill-tempered feline named ‚ÄúCallie‚ÄĚ is hiding somewhere nearby, plotting an attack . . .), sleeping peacefully, blissfully¬†with four fuzzy legs in the air.


It’s been a long time since we had a kitten here. I’d forgotten just how much fun they are. And how lacking in jadedness, ennui and…

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Is there something wrong with me? Confessions of a bewildered (and tired) blogger.


The answer to the question I pose in my title is “yes,” because, like it or not, I am fighting a daily battle with FMS/CFS coupled with osteoarthritis and possibly some other medical issues.¬† I haven’t had any feeling to speak of in two toes on my left foot for a few days now. Who knows why . . .

But what’s been niggling at me this week, more than my numb tootsies,¬†is the fact I don’t feel excited. I mean, about all the new RA stuff. I didn’t feel that visceral punch from looking at the “Woof” and “Meow” pics. I haven’t yet watched the new DoS trailer (I know, I know, heresy for an RA blogger) or the video with RA. I’ve been busy–mentally and physically–and¬†I face¬†a lot over the next few months, work-wise, interest-wise, life-wise.32623_480715122018231_1909987865_n

In spite of my excess adipose tissue, I look pretty much OK. Looks, of course, can be deceiving. I had to take a long nap this afternoon . . . I’ve reached the point where I really do miss those naps if I don’t get them. I’d rather take a nap than look at RA, how sad is that?! But that’s the way things are right now.

I’ve come to a crossroads¬†in my life¬†and I have to make some¬†decisions and they aren’t easy for me to make. I wonder what people will think of me, as if I should care.¬† I feel like a bit of a failure, and yet I know¬†I didn’t ask for the condition that is pushing me into this corner. I can accept things intellectually, but on an emotional plane I am struggling.


I am sure this current mood will change. At least, I hope it will.  Maybe if the calls I make over the next couple of days help me along on my personal journey . . . fingers crossed.

There are things I do look forward to.¬†Saturday night we¬†have to¬†meet with my friend, the delightful English/Drama teacher and¬†director¬†Naomi to discuss the bar mitzvah we are covering for her son next weekend in Tuscaloosa (this will be a first for us in several ways!) . Hoping to go¬†and see “Gravity” at the theater beforehand this weekend¬†and catch the DoS¬†trailer on the big screen. Big screen RA as the majestic Thorin will¬†surely make a difference.

In the meantime, I have a lot of PRP¬†video editing to do, among other things.¬† I look at the weeks to come. There’s continued rehearsals for “Dying for a Drink,” our first Arts Council production to attend in just over a week, a highly-anticipated¬†weekend away in Tuscaloosa and a new cultural experience next weekend, humane society events to publicize, possibly more pix to take¬†for rescues, the opening of the town’s¬†art gallery later this month. My plate is full.

I just hope and pray¬†I have what it takes¬†to keep up with it all and enjoy it, because I don’t want to be the person outside looking in anymore, feeling disconnected from my own community.


I just have to keep reminding myself of this.