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It’s (Back in) Black Guyday Friday! Ladywriter stays at HOME. With Guy.


‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving in the land of Ladywriter. For some of her friends and neighbors, that meant–shopping. Actually, for some of her friends and neighbors, Thanksgiving itself became a shopping excursion, with those infamous doorbusters–super-cheap TVs! Video consoles for a STEAL!–being offered Thanksgiving night. Some folks lined up two to three hours before the doors opened, huddled in the unseasonable cold awaiting their bargains. In the bigger cities, some folks lived in tents for days . . .



andyblackfridayAccording to a friend’s husband who braved Wal-Mart with that friend last night, poor hubby kept feeling like he was trapped in an episode of The Walking Dead and considered grabbing a shovel and whacking some zombified heads . . . Ladywriter is not sure it that was before or after a fight broke out nearby over TVS. And towels.  (Yes. TOWELS.)

“So—you are managing to resist this orgy of consumer excess?” A deep chocolate voice rumbled in her ear.

Ladywriter looked up into Sir Guy’s rather amused azure gaze. As always, his amazing peepers were lined perfectly. *sigh*


“Do I look like I’m going anywhere? I mean–I am dressed, but that is about it.” LW ran her hand through her untidy fair hair  (which was sorely in need of a good brushing) and shoved her glasses up her nose. “Besides, even if I didn’t have a pauper’s purse versus a lord’s, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Black Thursday/Friday.”

Sir Guy furrowed his brow.  “I thought all women–loved shopping.”


LW chuckled and shook her head. She still had a few things to teach him . . .

“No, in fact, some really don’t. Now, I do–or at least, I used to, before Fibromyalgia took a lot of the fun out of it for me. I loved looking for good value for my money and for something that person would really enjoy and likely not buy for him or herself. BUT–”

Ladywriter, her brow creasing, raised a hand. Sir Guy knew what that meant. LW was about to step on what she referred to as her “soapbox.” He took a very small step back.

“I hate crowds, standing in line for any length of time is painful,  I detest shoving and pushing, and I hate that depressing feeling the meaning of Thanksgiving is being trampled to death by the big box retailers in their rush to sell, sell, SELL.”  She heaved a sigh, then straightened her shoulders and thrust out her chin.

“Anyway, I’d rather celebrate–Back in Black Friday.”

Sir Guy looked puzzled. “Back in Black Friday?”


She grinned. “Back in Black GUYDAY Friday.” She pretended to drum as she tossed her head to and fro. “DUNH-dunh-nuh-dunh-dunh-uh-duh . . .”

Sir Guy returned her smile. “Ah . . . now I get it! It’s my day–Friday–and I do look most presentable in black,” he purred.

“And AC/DC really does suit you, dearest Sir Guy . . .”

(Ladywriter requests that you overlook the typo in the image below. Realizing that, of course, you may not notice there are words on the image below . . .)




Happy (Back in) Black Guyday Friday! 😉

Richard Armitage Silent Auction! RASA for JustGiving 2013


The RA Silent Auction is now underway! Be sure and check out all the wonderful items donated by RA bloggers and fans, including some quite familiar around these parts. 😉

I Want to be a Pin Up

RA Silent auction tux pic

Welcome to the Richard Armitage Silent Auction.

You can read all about the rules of the auction here, so please do so before you bid.

All of the money raised will go to a Richard Armitage JustGiving charity, but which one will be determined based on the poll results, so please take a moment and vote.

To learn more about the charities, please click on the link above where (on the right hand side) you can read about the specific charities.

As way of thanking those who have contributed to the RA Silent Auction, either by donating and bidding, or commenting, reposting, retweeting, reblogging,  I have also prepared a giveaway where you can get your hands on this Thorin Bookmark.

RASA banner raffle prize

Please click on the following link to take part in the bookmark giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Thorin bookmark 2 raffle

For those who will not be bidding on items but would like to contribute, please…

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Want to share a glass of wine with Richard? Check this out. & Happy Thanksgivukkah!


1458445_220323064814747_348728551_nSaw this on FB today . . . ladies who are in London (or who will be on this date) will you be planning to attend?  Another chance to ogle our fave guy in the flesh, maybe get a question answered (perhaps there will be more than one each allotted?) and sip some of the grape in that rarified atmosphere . . .


Richard at last year’s Apple media event in London. My edit of a still from RANet

I already have my copy of the Visual Companion and today I am perusing my Movie Guide. More about that later . . .

In the meantime, we are watching that annual tradition, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, having already polished off vanilla caramel French toast casserole with vanilla caramel coffee to wash it down . . . with Callie and Scarlett enjoying the remnants. 😉   Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Hanukkah to my friends who celebrate, and to all the rest, have a wonderful Thursday!

(Bonus cute photos of my sweeties. <3)



The Richard Armitage Silent Auction starts Friday! Rules and Procedures


It’s almost time for the big auction!!

I Want to be a Pin Up

This is a looooong post, but please read through it carefully before you bid.

RA Silent auction tux pic

The RA Silent Auction starts this Friday 29th of November at 9am GMT.

The auction will last till the 2nd of December 9am GMT.

We have an amazing variety of items going under the hammer (20 goodies in 17 separate auctions), many but not all connected to RA.

Please make sure you stop by, peruse over the delicious goodies we have lined up, and bid your heart out 🙂

ALL of the proceedings from the auction will go to an RA JustGiving charity!

Below I have written out the procedure of the silent auction, as well as the general rules that apply.

Before bidding, please make sure that you read through these points and please email me if you have any questions at RASilentAuction [at]

Apart from the silent auction there will also be a poll to…

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Will you be watching? Live world premiere of DoS, that is.



Now that rehearsals for our play are behind us, I will plan to watch as well as I can with my notoriously unreliable “live streaming” capabilities here at home. Are you planning to watch?

My, what a handsome man he is . . . my edit of the photo featured in Korean magazine.


Sorry. Couldn’t resist.


Imagine him with a little black fedora, shades, one sequined glove and a pair of “high-waters” . . . just sayin.’ This picture actually cracks me up. I love the smouldering gaze, but–*giggle*



Yep, ‘fraid so, Thorin. It. just. cracks. me. up.  *snicker* I KNOW that isn’t how I am supposed to react, but–


Oh, REALLY? Come to think of it, yes, Sir Guy . . . I have been very, very naughty. *wets lips and fluffs hair*

Guyday Friday: Ladywriter unleashes her inner scream–it’s FUN!


“It’s been quite a week for you, hasn’t it, Ladywriter,” Sir Guy said, before popping another Danish Christmas cookie into his mouth and chewing with evident satisfaction (two tins for $5 at Walgreen’s. Ladywriter could not resist).

“Yep. And it’s all caught up with me today.” Still wearing her Gerri-like rose print PJs at 6 p.m., LW winced as she flexed her right hand and stretched her lower back. Both body parts were being downright stroppy. Weather changes were on the way, big ones, and WB (Weather Body) didn’t like them much.

She managed a smile for the Hot Velveteen Henchman. “Of course, having you in the audience last night for our mystery dinner theatre was a treat. You and Benny–my two favorite tall, dark and handsome knights. Gave me that extra boost of confidence I needed.”BeFunky_Grunge_1cc

“And it all went splendidly, my dearest LW. You proved a most convincing drunk–and that scream? That young wench up front jumped–literally–in her seat. Most blood curdling.”

LW flashed him a grin. “I did my best to channel those scream queens from the slasher movies. And what do you know? Turned out the killer actually had done away with me earlier and that scream was a recording from–a horror movie!” Ladywriter looked downright gleeful. “So I got it right and didn’t even know that’s how it was going to turn out!!”


“And I have to say, Sir Guy, I enjoyed letting it all out. Does that make sense?”

Sir Guy gave her a wry lop-sided smile. “The need to scream? Oh, my lady, no one understands more.”

Ladywriter thought of Sir Guy’s dealings with the Treacherous Troll, Arrow Boy and She Who Must Not Be Named.

“Too true, my dear Sir Guy.” She held out the cookie tin. “Have another . . .”

“Don’t mind if I do, dear LW.”


Oh, it was always such a pleasure watching that ChaRActer eat . . . *sigh*


And apparently, it’s quite entertaining to watch me get schnockered. 😉

DoS tickets to go on sale next week . . . and watching EE version of AUJ.


Two momentous things will occur next Thursday, Nov. 21. Well, one is only momentous to me. I make my community theater debut as the tipsy and doomed Emma in “Dying for a Drink.” Final rehearsals are tomorrow night . . .

The one you’ll be interested in is the fact at 9 a.m. EST next Thursday tickets for “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” will go on sale here in the U.S. (according to the post on the “Ian McKellen” FB Page today):

‘Next Thursday at 9am ET in US, advance tickets will go on sale for THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG  First shows will be at midnite on December 12/13.’

Our local theatre, which now shows 3D films (if not HFR–heck, we are a town of less than 8,000 people, we are happy to have a theatre, and a very nice multiplex at that), doesn’t do a lot of midnight showings. I’d consider going if they did, although Benny would opt out, what with Friday being a regular workday for him. Think I will have to wait until a daytime showing to revisit the world of the dwarves, elves and other assorted fantastical creatures. I sort of feel as if I am going to visit old friends . . .

935991_638272969558368_71234392_nRichard as Thorin Oakenshield in my edit of a RANet screencap from the EE version of AUJ. All caps in this post, original and edited, from Richard Armitage Net.

Had fun re-visiting my old pals this weekend. Benny popped the Blu-ray of AUJ into the Playstation yesterday and stretched out with me to watch the film. This was his third time, having watched the earlier Blu-ray with me and of course, he saw it with me in the theatre last December.

I think they’ve all grown on him, those dirty, sweaty, uncouth, boisterous dwarves. He often smiled affectionately at their lines. His favorite part was still that embrace when Thorin apologizes to Bilbo and admits he was wrong. Benny did have to rib me a little about Thorin’s poor sense of direction (“Follow this guy anywhere? But how do you know where you’d end up??) but I have a sneaking suspicion he likes Mr. Armitage and his character more than he wants to admit to me, that the whole Hobbity world is growing on him. And I can live with that. 😀


Richard on a break during a location shoot. Certainly one of my favorite screencaps from EE version.

We just dipped our toes into the extras, as we were both tired and started napping off . . . more to look forward to another day. I find myself enjoying spreading my treats out a bit these days, trying to avoid our predilection for instant gratification, as it were.


Oh, and another tidbit of good news: my DoS visual guide is due to arrive next Tuesday! Whoo-hoo! (And just what I need–another book 😉 )


Will ‘Fire’ Bring Sheeran an Oscar? From EW this week.


Ed Sheeran, the cherubic-faced, ginger-haired British folk/pop musician who has written an original song for the end credits of DoS , the haunting “I See Fire,” is quoted in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (Nov. 22, 2013) talking about the idea behind the tune.

“Peter told me you need the song to take the audience by the hand and lead them out of the movie and back into reality,” Sheeran says in a brief article written by Kyle Anderson. Sheeran first met PJ while he was touring New Zealand. According to the article, the young Grammy nominee has a double mission: “I have two big goals. One is to headline a stadium, and I want to win an Academy Award.  If I did get nominated I might go dressed up as a hobbit and not wear shoes.”


                                                                           Bing Images

Now, I certainly hope the song gets nominated anyway–I really like it–but I have to say this young man with his mop of curls and sweet face has “hobbit” written all over him, and what a bonus it would be to see him in full Bilbo regalia at the Oscars . . . wouldn’t you agree? 😉

OT: Pet Calendars to Printers. Do you want any?


Just to update those of you have followed along on my quest to support our Butler County Humane Society: the 2014 edition of our pet calendar has gone to the printers in Montgomery and is *supposed* to be back by the 25th, if not a couple of days earlier. Herbert, our president, asked me to count heads as far as the number of calendars needing shipping out to out-of-area and international animal lovers. Then I can get back to you with costs for shipping (and I will need to collect physical addresses).

The calendars are $10 each, NOT including shipping, and are chockfull of great animal images like these: (first two images by Angie K Long and third image by Sebastian Roslund) BeFunky_Tinytype_1seabee.jpg



So if you do want a calendar (s), please let me know, along with your country of origin and number of calendars required.  Once that is sorted out, payment can be made domestically by check or money order mailed to: Butler County Humane Society, P.O. Box 264, Greenville, AL 36037 or you can submit payments through the “Comic Con” button once again here at the blog and indicate it is for “calendar purchase.”

To be perfectly honest, our operational expenses are currently exceeding our organization’s income and it’s a struggle to pay our bills with the local vet, the Montgomery spay/neuter clinic and the veterinary supply company. Thankfully they are patient. We are pursuing grants and I am trying to organize two more fundraisers before the end of this year.  But the financial forecast is distinctly gloomy.

A few years ago we were lucky if we adopted out a dozen dogs a year, saved from being put to sleep at our city/county shelter. Today, in additional to local adoptions, our Second Chance Rescue Operation averages sending 40-50 animals a MONTH to new homes through partnerships with rescue groups across the eastern US. We are a small-town operation doing big things, worthwhile work that is making us part of a documentary being filmed right now!  But it all comes at a price. We need every dollar we can raise.

Thanks again, and if you can’t afford to support us through calendar purchases, please just grant us your positive vibes and prayers.

1380130_593915453998815_1036028281_nNothingbutkittycats on FB

Guyday Friday: Guy hears LW’s dream about the CReAtor



Source: Getty Images~ Photographer Leslie Hassler

Ladywriter stretched, wincing as the Shoulder/Neck/Jaw Thingy flared.  A night of erratic sleep and too little of it, with rain on the way. It was going to be a long day. Still, she had a smile on her face.

That was a nice dream about Richard Armitage . . .

“Oh, really . . .” A familiar chocolate-laced baritone rumbled from the corner.

LW slid her glasses into place, Sir Guy’s knowing smirk coming into focus. He was a sight for sleep-deprived eyes–kohl-rimmed peepers, artfully tousled mane, snug Marvel of Engineering trousers and all.


Source: Richard Armitage Net

“There you go, Sir Guy, reading my thoughts again.” She raised one brow, her mouth twisting wryly, and firmly shook her disheveled head. “However . . . it was not a naughty dream, for your information.”

He gave a sniff of his handsome aquiline proboscis and shrugged. “Well, my lady, my powers are not perfect . . .”

But lots of other things about you are.

This time he got his reading right.  “You are feeling frisky this morning in spite of your pain, my lady,” he purred, tilting his head and flashing those excellent white teeth.


My edit of a screencap via RA Net

“Sooooo—tell me about your–chaste–dream, my lady.”

She sighed and wrapped her arms around her knees, gingerly resting her chin on top. “In the dream, I am acting with the CReAtor . . . me. With Richard Armitage. In some sort of film.” LW gave a small satisfied squee.

“I am playing someone who’d been kidnapped for ransom and it turns out RA is the person who is trying to get me back safely . . .” LW laughed and shrugged.

“Only, what with it being a dream, I do not know the actor will be RA until just before we are to play this scene together in which we are reunited! I look through the glass doors as the wardrobe and makeup people are checking me over and, well–there he is, looking all intense and angsty and, of course, gorgeous in this long navy coat and nape curls and stubble . . . fully in character to shoot this dramatic scene.”


Photography by Leslie Hassler

Sir Guy folded his arms across his broad chest. “And what do you do when you see it is the CReAtor?”

“I have two immediate thoughts, my dearest dark knight. First–‘OMG, it’s Richard Freakin’ Armitage as my screen partner!’ And second–and this sort of surprises me–I think, ‘Wow, I am SOOO going to act my socks off and impress the heck out of him, oh yes I AM.”  And so I go out there–and I ACT!”

She gave a smile of girlish delight, her eyes sparkling behind her specs. “And you know what? I am good. I really am good. I can tell he thinks so, too.”

LW sighed again, her brow creasing. “I can only hope it’s a good omen for next Thursday–when Emma the tipsy widow and murder victim-to-be makes her debut.”

Ladywriter rubbed her tender jaw. “Things were a bit rocky last night at the rehearsals. I actually did OK–but my cast mates were struggling in the second act. Went through it four times. Made me glad I–uhm, ‘Emma’– was ‘dead’ by then.”


“Your band of players, you all must believe in yourselves, my lady.” Sir Guy smiled at her. “Not unlike the way you believe–in me.” He gave a courtly bow.  “And, of course, in the CReAtor.”

“Sir Guy–I’d like for you to be there next week. You and Mr. Ladywriter.”

He raised his dark brows. “I do not possess a ticket, and is not the event sold out?”

“Yes–but that’s OK.” She grinned. “I am, after all, the only one who will see you.”

LW leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially. “It will be our little secret.”

Sir Guy chuckled. “Excellent . . .”

Dreams are like boxes of chocolates. You just never know what you are gonna get . . .  Happy Guyday Friday!

I wouldn’t mind dreaming about THIS either . . .

c2guyheartMy edit of an image courtesy of RA Net

New pix: On a cold night, a grown-up “Harry K.” to warm me


Busy day. Up early. Freezing this morning. Fibro body uncooperative. Wore boots to town to keep feet warm. Almost fell twice. People ARE going to think I actually do drink. Somewhat gloomy news at the humane society meeting. We are doing so much good in the county and yet we are behind on our bills. Gee, we are having the same problem! Need more money and SOON! Must get my fundraising idea underway but only one person brought collection container . . . worked on video project for PRP. Started all over again because it just wasn’t “right.” Tried to get to sleep  Stressed. Depressed. Cried. Back up. So cold without central heat~

And then I saw these, posted by Fernanda Matias at the Richard Armitage Appreciation Society page on FB. 1422464_10152066595183993_287174946_n








I’d say more, but my hands are now turning into icicles and to bed I must return. Maybe I can finally sleep and dream of a lovely, manly man with nape curls and tempting stubble, casually clad in vests and cozy sweaters and plaid . . . looking very fanciable. What’s going on behind those blue eyes?  . . .  Good night.

If I say I don’t like something . . . I am not condemning those who do.


If I say I don’t particularly care for a film or novel or television show or fanfic or artwork or some other creative endeavor, it doesn’t mean I think it’s “wrong.”  That it shouldn’t exist. That the person is “wrong” to have created it.

It’s just not a good fit for me, perhaps due to my personal beliefs or private comfort zone or quirky little hang-up, but not wrong. I am not wielding a moral hammer but simply expressing my own opinions. I am NOT attempting to be Pop Culture Police, I promise you. But, hey, it’s my blog, and I think I have the right to express my own thoughts on my own blog.

Excessive, gratuitous violence bugs me, especially what is often referred to as “torture porn.”

Extreme sadism/masochism in sexual relationships bothers me; I personally experience a lot of physical pain due to health conditions and so it’s hard for me to equate pain with pleasure.

I know of consenting adults who are in such relationships and who say they feel perfectly happy and fulfilled and that’s great! But it’s simply not for me.

Promoting certain “ships” between, not characters, but real life people in fandoms is another area in which I feel some discomfort. Yes, I have read some RPF I quite enjoyed; others have crossed lines for me. I also am uncomfortable with forums/sites that engage in a lot of idle gossip and speculation about celebrities’ private lives.

Everyone deserves to have one–a private life, that is–and I sometimes think people need to invest more time in their own personal lives and less time dwelling on others.

However, you can personally root for whomever you wish to find love together—just don’t let it overtake your life! 😉 Do I think these people are crazy? No, but I think they might be a bit over-obsessive and excessively enthusiastic (I’ve thought that about “Twilight” fans, too, by the way. And there are plenty of people who probably think we ardent RA fans should “get a life” ;)).

I do worry about the proliferation of maniped images across cyberspace. How do we not only initially tag them correctly but make sure they REMAIN correctly tagged as they are shared at site after site? Obviously, it takes everyone working together to do it.

I wanted to share these thoughts with you because I am attempting to clear the air a bit after yesterday’s post clearly upset certain people. Again, I apologize if anyone out there felt I demonized them in some way or made them out to be stupid or naïve.  I was trying to make a point and somehow that got lost along the way . . . and rather twisted. I truly had the best of intentions but those intentions seemed to be on the road to you-know-where.

I have a long day ahead of me and a lot to get done in spite of still being in far more pain than I would prefer. Weather changes have worked their bad mojo on me.

I wish you all a good day, and please consider not only giving your prayers but giving what you can in terms of monetary donations to the relief efforts in the Philippines.

Being financially strapped, my own donation is small, but lots of small donations can make a big difference. There is so much suffering there right now. Much worse than all our quibbles and squabbles.






Yes, Mr. A, I do like to josh. I think you do, too.


Richard, if you haven’t already figured it out, I am essentially a goofball. A ham. A bit nutty.  Witness me below in my Carol Channing mode. “A kish on the hand may be quite contiNENtal, but diamondsh are a girl’s best FRIENDDDD . . .” Big eyes, big mouth, cute little hat.


Our word for today is “josh.” Not used as a proper name, mind you, but as a verb (to make fun of, to tease in a good-natured way) and a noun (a teasing or joking remark). Of unknown origin, first appeared c. 1845. (

I like to laugh. I love to laugh. It makes me feel better. I have so much physical pain at times, yes, and fatigue, and frankly, it can get depressing. So I try to find a funny side to it all. Laughing feels better than crying. I like to make other people laugh, too. I definitely have an irreverent side as part of my wicked sense of humor~

320335_456074347816070_113731264_nI like to believe a man with such lovely laugh lines and endearing crinkles has quite the sense of humor, too. And I also like to think you wouldn’t mind my sharing your “secret thoughts” or having my favorite ChaRActers hanging around my house.  It’s all meant in the most benign way–definitely “joshing.”

I saw this quote on FB, and I just couldn’t resist putting the words in your mouth, so to speak 😉 Surely some part of you does know it’s you we find sexy and not just the characters? That you, our Thinking Woman’s Greek God-like DIY Geek, is the most appealing of them all?


Of course, this is just the hard down TRUTH–no joke! 😉

Ah, there–I made you smile. And blush a little. You are such an endearing fellow. Come on, let’s be kooky together! 😀