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GuyDay Friday: Gisborne, larger than life . . .


“Soooo . . . ” He glanced around the room, attempting nonchalance but not quite achieving it.

“Just me today?”

She nodded. “Just you, my dearest dark knight. No Porter or Thorin or any other ChaRActer for now.”

His handsome mouth curled into a lop-sided smile, relief visible in those kohl-rimmed blue eyes.  “I’m glad to hear it. I mean–well, after all–it IS my day.”


“Yes, it IS. Guyday Friday as always. While Portah continues to grace our screens on Friday nights for the next few weeks on Cinemax and Thorin–well, Thorin Fever is going to be in full gear, you know–” Ladywriter said with an apologetic shrug of her shoulders.

Guy gave a distinctly disdainful sniff.  “So much–hoopla–over the Little Hirsute One . . .” He rumbled, sighing.


“Well, you know–blockbuster trilogy and all that, Guy. Hoopla is bound to happen.”

He draped himself across the chair, closing his eyes, brow slightly creased, his lips parting softly in another sigh. She watched the sooty lashes flutter–Sir Guy really did know how to rock the eye makeup–and studied that very noshable lower lip.


If he leaned his head back, she’d be a goner. Ohtherehegoes . . .


Ladywriter shook her head to regain her equilibrium. The dark knight was murmuring wistfully in that delicious chocolate baritone.

“You know–I would have been good on the big screen. If only I’d have the chance . . .”

She reached out and clasped his big, broad hand in hers. “You would have been—WONDERFUL. Epic. Exciting. And sexy as all get out, of course.”

His eyes fluttered open, mouth curving into a pleased smirk.  “I would have been, wouldn’t I?”


She grinned.  “A clue–YES. A thousand times yes!”

Just imagine–all that awesome alpha maleness larger than life before your eyes . . .




If ONLY  . . . *sigh*


Happy Guyday Friday–a little late but still time to celebrate!