Daily Archives: November 2, 2013

Details on Monday’s LIVE fan event. I know what I’ll be doing at 4 p.m. . . .


A link to tORN with details on Monday’s live fan event and how to watch it:


You can also tune in online here http://www.youtube.com/thehobbit

In the U.S., it’s scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Pacific Time, 3 p.m. Mountain, 4 p.m. Central Time and 5 p.m. Eastern Time.  There’s a link at the One Ring Net page for time zone conversions.

It does appear that both Orlando Bloom and Richard will be in New York. Don’t hate me, anyone, but I really would have preferred it had just been Richard (Orlando fans, put the gol-darned maters down, now!!) I just know how Richard tends to defer to the other actors when he’s in a pair or group.  However, those who make it to NYC who are both Bloom and Armitage lovers should certainly be on cloud nine.


As for me, I am planning to go in to town earlier to take care of some business and then fire up the laptop at the dealership and tap into their more high-speed connection to watch the live stream. Fingers crossed all goes well. And then I will be off to dinner theater rehearsal, so it will be later before I can have the opportunity to post much of anything. Hopefully I am not too giddy to do my role. Then again, I am playing someone who goes from tipsy to sloppy drunk, and Armitage is rather intoxicating.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and safe travels to those who are flying or road tripping to NYC for the big event Monday (and that includes our own dear Stephanie! Whoo-hoo!)