Thorin is hot–but have Bilbo and those elves been hitting the Botox?!?


I reblogged Perry’s post featuring the new Thorin poster from DoS (oh, heck, let’s look at it again, shall we?)


And I have to say, after taking a look at the other posters, this one IS the undisputed winner. Richard Armitage as Thorin looks fierce, determined and absolutely gorgeous. *thud* The use of light and shadow playing over those majestic masculine features here is great.

However, some of the rest of the seven new posters . . . look suspiciously tweaked. Now, I know that Photoshopping is routinely done on images like this. But there’s touching up and there’s TOUCHING UP!!

Did Martin Freeman as Bilbo have an eye tuck somewhere along his unexpected journey? A shot or two of Botox? Touched up his hair color and picked up some colored contact lenses, too?


And maybe he got said Botox in Mirkwood, because even for a slow-to-age elf, Thrandy is looking amazingly smooth . . .   especially when compared with an un-retouched photo of Lee Pace.



If it weren’t for the long blonde wig, I am not sure I’d know this was Orlando Bloom at first glance.  I know he’s a decade older than when he made the LOTR films, and he’s supposed to actually be younger in these new films, not to mention that the guy playing his dad, Lee, is roughly the same age, but–does he not look a bit–plastic–here? I think the tinted contact lenses don’t really help. Weren’t his eyes brown in the original films or am I totally confused?

legolas poster

I thought he looked a bit odd in this screencap from the earlier teaser, too. I am really hoping Leggy will look a bit more–life-like–and less CGI-like–in the finished film. Otherwise, I will find it distracting, I fear. I mean, I know the elves are somewhat airy-fairy timeless sorts and all. But.


See all of the character posters at the link below. Tell me, which do you like the best? The least? And why?

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    • Yes, of course, he does, and I acknowledged there is always photoshopping in images like this, did I not? BUT there’s something else odd about some of these posters. At least he still looks like Richard Armitage as Thorin. Maybe I’ve never paid too much attention to Orlando Bloom, as he is not particularly my cup of tea, but he looks “fake” to me in those two images. I thought so ever since I saw that screencap I posted and hoped I wouldn’t think the same when I see the film. But this poster doesn’t exactly put my worries to rest, if you know what I mean.

      • What’s a bit odd with Freeman is that I don’t know that Bilbo is supposed to look especially youthful, period. He’s supposed to be heading toward middle age, no?

        • Yeah, in a way, that’s the oddest one of all—I thought Bilbo was sort of settled into middle age, or close to it, which was another reason he didn’t particularly want to go on some adventure, versus a younger hobbit who might feel a bit more adventurous. And as someone pointed out at Perry’s blog, it looks like they have altered his eye and hair color a bit, too, compared to what I recall from the first film. This poster looks more like someone who resembles Martin Freeman, the guy who plays Bilbo . . . if you know what I mean. ??

    • Oh, and they could have kept the eye wrinkles in and I would have still thought he was hot. Just sayin’ . . . 😉 I also prefer Lee with his lovely crinkles, but I guess they aren’t elfin enough. 😉

  1. FTR, Legolas’ eyes were blue in LOTR, although there are some shots where he isn’t wearing the contacts. (Quickest examples I could find weree this meme:×460.jpg and this poster:

    Elves don’t really age, so they won’t have wrinkles. (Elrond is only half-elven).

    Bilbo is 50 when he takes off on the adventure, which is early middle age physically for a Hobbit (if that), since Hobbits only come of age at 33.

  2. I think the whole lot have been photoshopped in a major way. I love the Thorin poster precisely because it looks like RA, not Thorin – they’ve thinned down his nose to look like his real nose, not his prosthetic nose. I much prefer the real thing!

    • It’s still larger than Richard’s actual nose, though, if you compare profiles. But some people say this poster is totally Thorin and others think it’s all RA. For me it is a mix with a little Lucas North thrown in. 😉

  3. Hello, I’m a Lee Pace fan and I found this tagged as “Lee Pace” on Tumblr, and I read it as Everybody except Mr. Armitage using Botox / photoshop, am i right?

    • No, actually, you aren’t correct. What I am saying is that in these new posters, many of the characters don’t quite look like themselves. I think Thorin and the ones for Gandalf and Bard are actually the ones closest to capturing the actors portraying them. Martin as Bilbo in particular looks strange to me compared to what he looked like in the first film. And I realize that elves aren’t supposed to age as we humans do so I suppose it was felt necessary to overdo the PS or possibly the CGI in the actual film to make the actors look “ageless.”

      But it’s not a look I particularly fancy. I am actually also a Lee Pace fan (loved him in “The Fall,” “Soldier’s Girl” and “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” and more) who has created other Pace fans through this blog. I love his natural, expressive face with those glorious crinkles around his eyes. And I wish they’d left Mr. Armitage’s crinkles in place, too. But then, they didn’t ask me, did they? You must also understand I do have an irreverent sense of humor about all this–I realize you’ve never visited my blog before, but if you had, you’d probably “get” me better. 😉 For the record, I have no reason to think any of these actors have used Botox in Real Life.

    • Yes, air brushing, Photoshopping, two different terms for essentially the same thing. They’ve been tweaked a lot. 😉 And I think the digital artists got a wee bit carried away with some of the images . . .

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