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In case you missed Kate’s wonderful RA pix . . .


Kate, Stephanie’s housemate, took some great shots of RA (and Orlando) at the NY fan event which she linked in a comment in a previous post. I just want to make sure you don’t miss them! Well worth the time to click on the link below . . . *sigh*


Is RA still looking for a U.S. TV role? Could be . . .


“I was lucky enough to get a U.S. work visa for [Into the Storm] so I feel I should try and make the best use of it. There is a huge body of great writing out there in American TV and I’m hunting for a part. They ask you to commit to six years on a U.S. show, though, I would really have to be fascinated by the subject matter and really want to play a part all that time . . .”~

excerpt from a short article by Paul Wilson featured in a nifty photo spread (“Formal Education”) on Richard Armitage in the December 2013 edition of Esquire UK on newsstands now. (I enlarged a scan Kaprekar had made of the article so I could read the story.)




Not a lot that’s new to most of us–the tired old circus chestnut pops up–and RA amusingly notes his habit of buying work wardrobe and then wondering why people recognize him (“Of course you’ll be recognized, you bloody idiot, you’re wearing the costume!”)

So what do we think? Will our RA find (or has he possibly already found) that fascinating character he’d be willing to commit to for that period of time in an American show? If it’s a role in a cable/satellite production, there likely wouldn’t be more than 13 eps if that many in a season. He’d still have time to do a film or appear on stage . . . oh, Mr. A, throw us a bone, won’t you?


Richard Armitage in Esquire – It’s Here!


Richard looking sexy and distinguished in black tie . . .

Image from mag tweeted today by one of the stylists.

Image from mag tweeted today by one of the stylists.

EDIT: Kaprekar has located it: the Dec. issue of Esquire UK which has two covers–ScarJo and Joaquin Phoenix. Approx. seven pages of photos and story inside on RA!

Armitage Agonistes

I’m trying to hunt  it down. Thank you to Jade at Jade Makeup ( And KatharineD)

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