Daily Archives: November 12, 2013

Yes, Mr. A, I do like to josh. I think you do, too.


Richard, if you haven’t already figured it out, I am essentially a goofball. A ham. A bit nutty.  Witness me below in my Carol Channing mode. “A kish on the hand may be quite contiNENtal, but diamondsh are a girl’s best FRIENDDDD . . .” Big eyes, big mouth, cute little hat.


Our word for today is “josh.” Not used as a proper name, mind you, but as a verb (to make fun of, to tease in a good-natured way) and a noun (a teasing or joking remark). Of unknown origin, first appeared c. 1845. (Wordsmith.org)

I like to laugh. I love to laugh. It makes me feel better. I have so much physical pain at times, yes, and fatigue, and frankly, it can get depressing. So I try to find a funny side to it all. Laughing feels better than crying. I like to make other people laugh, too. I definitely have an irreverent side as part of my wicked sense of humor~

320335_456074347816070_113731264_nI like to believe a man with such lovely laugh lines and endearing crinkles has quite the sense of humor, too. And I also like to think you wouldn’t mind my sharing your “secret thoughts” or having my favorite ChaRActers hanging around my house.  It’s all meant in the most benign way–definitely “joshing.”

I saw this quote on FB, and I just couldn’t resist putting the words in your mouth, so to speak 😉 Surely some part of you does know it’s you we find sexy and not just the characters? That you, our Thinking Woman’s Greek God-like DIY Geek, is the most appealing of them all?


Of course, this is just the hard down TRUTH–no joke! 😉

Ah, there–I made you smile. And blush a little. You are such an endearing fellow. Come on, let’s be kooky together! 😀