Daily Archives: November 13, 2013

If I say I don’t like something . . . I am not condemning those who do.


If I say I don’t particularly care for a film or novel or television show or fanfic or artwork or some other creative endeavor, it doesn’t mean I think it’s “wrong.”  That it shouldn’t exist. That the person is “wrong” to have created it.

It’s just not a good fit for me, perhaps due to my personal beliefs or private comfort zone or quirky little hang-up, but not wrong. I am not wielding a moral hammer but simply expressing my own opinions. I am NOT attempting to be Pop Culture Police, I promise you. But, hey, it’s my blog, and I think I have the right to express my own thoughts on my own blog.

Excessive, gratuitous violence bugs me, especially what is often referred to as “torture porn.”

Extreme sadism/masochism in sexual relationships bothers me; I personally experience a lot of physical pain due to health conditions and so it’s hard for me to equate pain with pleasure.

I know of consenting adults who are in such relationships and who say they feel perfectly happy and fulfilled and that’s great! But it’s simply not for me.

Promoting certain “ships” between, not characters, but real life people in fandoms is another area in which I feel some discomfort. Yes, I have read some RPF I quite enjoyed; others have crossed lines for me. I also am uncomfortable with forums/sites that engage in a lot of idle gossip and speculation about celebrities’ private lives.

Everyone deserves to have one–a private life, that is–and I sometimes think people need to invest more time in their own personal lives and less time dwelling on others.

However, you can personally root for whomever you wish to find love together—just don’t let it overtake your life! 😉 Do I think these people are crazy? No, but I think they might be a bit over-obsessive and excessively enthusiastic (I’ve thought that about “Twilight” fans, too, by the way. And there are plenty of people who probably think we ardent RA fans should “get a life” ;)).

I do worry about the proliferation of maniped images across cyberspace. How do we not only initially tag them correctly but make sure they REMAIN correctly tagged as they are shared at site after site? Obviously, it takes everyone working together to do it.

I wanted to share these thoughts with you because I am attempting to clear the air a bit after yesterday’s post clearly upset certain people. Again, I apologize if anyone out there felt I demonized them in some way or made them out to be stupid or naïve.  I was trying to make a point and somehow that got lost along the way . . . and rather twisted. I truly had the best of intentions but those intentions seemed to be on the road to you-know-where.

I have a long day ahead of me and a lot to get done in spite of still being in far more pain than I would prefer. Weather changes have worked their bad mojo on me.

I wish you all a good day, and please consider not only giving your prayers but giving what you can in terms of monetary donations to the relief efforts in the Philippines.

Being financially strapped, my own donation is small, but lots of small donations can make a big difference. There is so much suffering there right now. Much worse than all our quibbles and squabbles.