It’s (Back in) Black Guyday Friday! Ladywriter stays at HOME. With Guy.


‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving in the land of Ladywriter. For some of her friends and neighbors, that meant–shopping. Actually, for some of her friends and neighbors, Thanksgiving itself became a shopping excursion, with those infamous doorbusters–super-cheap TVs! Video consoles for a STEAL!–being offered Thanksgiving night. Some folks lined up two to three hours before the doors opened, huddled in the unseasonable cold awaiting their bargains. In the bigger cities, some folks lived in tents for days . . .



andyblackfridayAccording to a friend’s husband who braved Wal-Mart with that friend last night, poor hubby kept feeling like he was trapped in an episode of The Walking Dead and considered grabbing a shovel and whacking some zombified heads . . . Ladywriter is not sure it that was before or after a fight broke out nearby over TVS. And towels.  (Yes. TOWELS.)

“So—you are managing to resist this orgy of consumer excess?” A deep chocolate voice rumbled in her ear.

Ladywriter looked up into Sir Guy’s rather amused azure gaze. As always, his amazing peepers were lined perfectly. *sigh*


“Do I look like I’m going anywhere? I mean–I am dressed, but that is about it.” LW ran her hand through her untidy fair hair  (which was sorely in need of a good brushing) and shoved her glasses up her nose. “Besides, even if I didn’t have a pauper’s purse versus a lord’s, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing Black Thursday/Friday.”

Sir Guy furrowed his brow.  “I thought all women–loved shopping.”


LW chuckled and shook her head. She still had a few things to teach him . . .

“No, in fact, some really don’t. Now, I do–or at least, I used to, before Fibromyalgia took a lot of the fun out of it for me. I loved looking for good value for my money and for something that person would really enjoy and likely not buy for him or herself. BUT–”

Ladywriter, her brow creasing, raised a hand. Sir Guy knew what that meant. LW was about to step on what she referred to as her “soapbox.” He took a very small step back.

“I hate crowds, standing in line for any length of time is painful,  I detest shoving and pushing, and I hate that depressing feeling the meaning of Thanksgiving is being trampled to death by the big box retailers in their rush to sell, sell, SELL.”  She heaved a sigh, then straightened her shoulders and thrust out her chin.

“Anyway, I’d rather celebrate–Back in Black Friday.”

Sir Guy looked puzzled. “Back in Black Friday?”


She grinned. “Back in Black GUYDAY Friday.” She pretended to drum as she tossed her head to and fro. “DUNH-dunh-nuh-dunh-dunh-uh-duh . . .”

Sir Guy returned her smile. “Ah . . . now I get it! It’s my day–Friday–and I do look most presentable in black,” he purred.

“And AC/DC really does suit you, dearest Sir Guy . . .”

(Ladywriter requests that you overlook the typo in the image below. Realizing that, of course, you may not notice there are words on the image below . . .)




Happy (Back in) Black Guyday Friday! 😉

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  1. Loved this LW we have had our first “Black Day Friday” here in England according to the news it was a little tense. I’ll make do with ogling our very own Guy. Happy Guy day to you all xx

    • I saw that online, AJ. *sigh* I think there are some things we just simply should not export, and frankly, Black Friday is one of them. And NOW it’s starting the night before!! I really don’t like this trend at all. Guy ogling is a much better bargain–you can do it in the comfort of your own home, you won’t have outrageous credit card bills come due in January, and if it stresses you, it does so in the nicest sort of way, if you catch my drift. 😉 Happy Guyday!

  2. We keep going at this rate and We’ll just skip Thanksgiving and start the holiday season the day after Halloween. We can’t get rid of Halloween the Candy Makers wouldn’t allow it.—woo hoo!!!! I just got all my Christmas presents delivered!!!! Now all Jon has to do is wrapped them. There’s a whole lot of Thorin goin’ on in that box.

    • I am beginning to think so, Arkie. The thing I’ve always loved about Thanksgiving was the lack of commercialism and push to buy, buy, buy . . . *sigh* Seems like the corporate greed just doesn’t end.

      Congrats on all that Thorin . . . 😉

  3. The only way I want to spent Black Friday is with Guy. Forget the shopping bit, to much of a headache, migraine in my case. Mr. 70 was asked by his boss to go keep the peace at Walmart last night, ours was not to bad, no fights ( Walmart wanted someone there to maybe keep in check). Son1 also had to work last night at Walgreens, said it was not to bad. We had our Thanksgiving today, MIL and oldest BIL also where able to spent the day with us.

  4. I do love your conversations with Guy 🙂

    Agree with all you say on Black Friday too – it’s a shame it’s creeping up on us here in the UK!

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