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What’s wrong with these pictures? Or, seeing is not always believing.



It’s me–but it’s not me. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of possessing big brown eyes with sooty lashes and dark brows, masses of curly black hair and a complexion to match. I also wanted to be tall with long willowy legs . . .  instead, I ended up slightly above average in height, with short stumpy legs. And I was still just as “fish belly-white” pale and blue-eyed and fair-haired and fair-lashed as ever. Plain ol’ vanilla me.

Clearly, I have tampered with the photo above, giving myself a virtual spray tan, changing the color of my eyes, darkening my brows and my hair and then softening up the whole image to be kinder to my 53-year-old self.

Here’s the original un-retouched image.


You can’t always believe what you see.

Which brings me to this image. Someone ran across it today and posted it at FB, admitting she was confused because how could two actors who were clearly on separate continents for the recent DoS fan event be photographed side by side?


The answer is, of course. Photoshop. Take note that Richard isn’t casting any shadow in this pic, which means he is either (A) actually a vampire or (B) isn’t actually in this photo with Lee in the first place.  The answer is, of course, B—that image of RA comes from the photos taken in NY with Orlando and Anderson Cooper.  This isn’t the exact one, but you get my drift.


I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I really am getting tired of this sort of thing. I am all for having a rich fantasy life and “viva” a vivid imagination, I always say.  Where would life be without such?


But it is important to recognize there is a difference between fantasy and reality, between wanting to look like an exotic gypsy-ish creature and actually being the vanilla girl next door. A difference between thinking “Gee, wouldn’t those two gorgeous guys make a hot-looking gay couple?” and enjoying some slashy fanfic along the way, and deciding this relationship MUST be so, it IS so, and by golly, you will MAKE it so. Come hell or high water!!


If it means inferring all sorts of things from the mere mention of these two men attending the same event (never mind that several other actors did the same) and plastering your inferences all over the Internet or Photoshopping pictures for possibly not-so-innocent purposes, there are some fans out there who are doing it.


Look, I personally don’t think an individual’s sexuality is our business unless we are in a relationship with them ourselves. Period. Whether or not Lee or Richard or anybody else is gay, straight, bisexual, asexual or omnisexual is not the point here.

It’s this straining and reaching desperately to make your fantasies into fact-based reality that I find truly objectionable. Apparently some fans tried to do the same thing with Orlando and Viggo in the LOTR films. Some things just never change, it seems. *sigh*

Just because you see it, doesn’t mean you should believe it. Don’t automatically accept things at face value.

Just because you want and wish it to be, doesn’t make it so.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t accept something as the gospel truth because it’s on the Internet!

Oh, yeah, and I’ve decided to embrace my Inner Pale Vanilla Goddess. 😉 Trying to keep the white roots at bay would be a b**ch these days . . .

OK, who’s up for baking a Richard Armitage cake?



An amateur baker in England entered her 5’5″ cake in the likeness of Johnny Depp in his iconic role as Jack Sparrow in a contest–and apparently she won!,0,5609637.story?track=rss&dlvrit=731408#axzz2kF09prLm

Now, I can only imagine how truly magnificent a life-size cake made in the image of a certain tall, dark and toothsome actor we all know and love would be . . . which character would YOU prefer to see whipped up into an edible delight, I wonder?  Sir Guy as a gustatory pleasure? John Thornton to tempt your taste buds? Porter to whet your appetite? Lucas? Thorin? Surely any and all would be mmm, mmm good.  “He’s good, sticky sweet, from his head down to his feet . . .” 😉

Guyday Friday: Has the big cat met his match?


“Gosh, I am chilly!” Ladywriter buttoned the cheery red velour bed jacket she was wearing over her equally cheery rose print pajamas. She’d tried to get her hair dry. ‘Twas not an evening to go to bed with a damp mop of hair.

“Feels like winter has arrived tonight . . .” Scarlett Kitten, who was cuddled up on the soft fleece throw across her hooman mama’s lap, apparently agreed.

“Ah . . . wearing your Harry and Gerri-esque night attire, I see,” came a certain delicious dark chocolate rumble.

Must be checking in to make sure those Esquire pics haven’t made me forget what day of the week it is.

“Well, hullo, Sir Guy . . . Happy Guyday Friday!” LW said.  A sleepy-eyed Scarlett stretched, gave a “chirrup” and hurried to greet her favorite Hot Velveteen Henchman. Sir Guy scooped her up and soon had the fuzzy creature clasped firmly around his wrist in a vigorous wrestling match.

“OWWWW.” Sir Guy made a face. “Erm–my, what–sharp–teeth and claws you have for un petit chat.” He shot LW a look from beneath those arched brows as his mouth twisted in a wry smirk. “You would envision me in this Floppy Black Pirate Shirt instead of my leathers. They gave me some degree of protection.”


Ladywriter smiled. “Surely ’tis but a flesh wound for such as you, my darling Sir Guy?” Her smile broadened, a definite glimmer of mischief in her bespectacled blue eyes. “Not going to let a fellow feline, and such a small one, get the best of you . . .”


A disdainful sniff. “Certainly NOT.” He managed, and not without some effort, to detach the boisterous Scarlett from his wrist–only to have her spring onto his shoulder. Scarlett proceeded to rub her face against his stubbled check as she purred extravagantly, then settled down to make herself comfortable. She loved being up so high . . .


Sir Guy rolled his eyes heavenward and sighed.  “Females. Always trying to wrap me around their little finger–or paw, as it were.”


“As if you weren’t doing the same thing to all of us poor, susceptible females who cannot resist your smouldering charms?”

~~~ A deep, dark chuckle. “Welllllll . . .”







Happy Guyday Friday!! 😉

In case you missed Kate’s wonderful RA pix . . .


Kate, Stephanie’s housemate, took some great shots of RA (and Orlando) at the NY fan event which she linked in a comment in a previous post. I just want to make sure you don’t miss them! Well worth the time to click on the link below . . . *sigh*

Is RA still looking for a U.S. TV role? Could be . . .


“I was lucky enough to get a U.S. work visa for [Into the Storm] so I feel I should try and make the best use of it. There is a huge body of great writing out there in American TV and I’m hunting for a part. They ask you to commit to six years on a U.S. show, though, I would really have to be fascinated by the subject matter and really want to play a part all that time . . .”~

excerpt from a short article by Paul Wilson featured in a nifty photo spread (“Formal Education”) on Richard Armitage in the December 2013 edition of Esquire UK on newsstands now. (I enlarged a scan Kaprekar had made of the article so I could read the story.)




Not a lot that’s new to most of us–the tired old circus chestnut pops up–and RA amusingly notes his habit of buying work wardrobe and then wondering why people recognize him (“Of course you’ll be recognized, you bloody idiot, you’re wearing the costume!”)

So what do we think? Will our RA find (or has he possibly already found) that fascinating character he’d be willing to commit to for that period of time in an American show? If it’s a role in a cable/satellite production, there likely wouldn’t be more than 13 eps if that many in a season. He’d still have time to do a film or appear on stage . . . oh, Mr. A, throw us a bone, won’t you?


Richard Armitage in Esquire – It’s Here!


Richard looking sexy and distinguished in black tie . . .

Image from mag tweeted today by one of the stylists.

Image from mag tweeted today by one of the stylists.

EDIT: Kaprekar has located it: the Dec. issue of Esquire UK which has two covers–ScarJo and Joaquin Phoenix. Approx. seven pages of photos and story inside on RA!

Armitage Agonistes

I’m trying to hunt  it down. Thank you to Jade at Jade Makeup ( And KatharineD)

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‘A Lovely, Lovely Man’: Stephanie’s Reflections on seeing Richard in NYC


Stephanie and her housemate got the chance to attend the NY Fan Event for the Desolation of Smaug. As soon as I found out they were going, I asked Stephanie to share her thoughts on the experience with me for the blog. I am certain you will enjoy reading them as much as I did. Thanks again, Stephanie! I have added a few screencaps from Richard Armitage Central and from Servetus.

While the event on the whole was not quite what I was expecting, I did finally fulfill my dream of seeing our lovely man in person.  We did manage to get seats about eight rows from the front of the theatre, so had an excellent view and a good vantage point from where my housemate took over 100 photos, which hopefully will be downloaded on her photo page soon.
 The excitement was very contagious and many of the people we met while waiting in line were total Richard fans, so I really hope he felt all that love flowing towards him because there was an ocean of it.  I have to say though–when he walked up on stage, I felt this very strong vibration that he either wasn’t feeling well or perhaps it was that he simply has not yet become as comfortable as some people have said about dealing with these fan events.  Of course, the other possibility could very well be that he’d just flown in from London for this event and was a bit jet-lagged.  Even tired and scruffy though (and don’t misunderstand me, I adore his scruffy look), he was everything I’ve always thought he would be.
I have to wonder that the Q & A was so brief; each of these amazing actors except for Evangeline Lilly in LA only answered one question.  (I loved her response to the question about her role model for her character–Tinkerbell!  What a terrific choice).  The question that was addressed to Richard was, at least, a very good one–his favorite line in all three movies.  And he did appear to give it serious consideration before answering, so I think it was a very honest response.
He did spend a great deal of time watching the monitor while the Q& A was going on, and there were a few asides between Richard and Orlando.  What was truly surprising (to me, anyway) was that once they ended the live feed, everyone just left the stage–and nothing was said about whether they would return after the viewing (they didn’t) or if the film clips would be the end (it was).
The movie looks astonishing and if this is possible, I think Richard looks even more wonderful in this installment than in the first movie.  He has truly grown in the role of Thorin; when he’s onscreen, he fills the screen with his magnificent, kingly presence and his star quality is evident no matter what else may be happening in the scene.  You cannot look away from him (a problem I regularly suffer from anyway)–he is mesmerizing.  During the event itself, I found the same thing happening–I could not take my eyes from him., even though he was merely sitting onstage.  He is that magnetic; he is that beautiful.  He is everything I could have hoped and more besides.
We also met a man from Warner Brothers at the event who was apparently in charge of seeing that things went smoothly–and he told us that, of all the Hobbit actors and technical people he’s met, Richard is definitely the nicest.
 Does this surprise me?  NOT!  But it’s so nice to have it reaffirmed by someone who actually knows him, that he truly is the lovely gentleman we’ve all come to know over the years.  He even did meet with one set of four fans before he left, despite the best efforts of rampant security to prevent it, who were in costume and had brought something for him–he most graciously met with them for a few minutes and took a photo with them.  I wouldn’t expect anything else of him.
Would I have loved to meet him?  Of course.  Was it enough that I got to be in the same room and see him?  Actually, yes.  As I have pretty much always known, our Richard is a lovely, lovely man–I sincerely hope for the future that he does become more secure and comfortable in his personal appearances, for his own sake.  In the meantime, a huge hug to our dear one from me and many others.  He is most truly one of a kind–the best.
 tumblr_mvrp3dfkxi1s2gaauo1_500 (1)

Richard Armitage Silent Auction Coming Soon!


Great idea! 😀

I Want to be a Pin Up

Richard Armitag Silent Auction big

Dear Friends,

There’s been something I’ve been mulling over, seeking advice about, and trying to figure out the logistics of in the past few weeks and today I can finally share the news with you.

I’ve decided to organise a Richard Armitage Silent Auction from the 29th of November till December 1st.

What’s this mysterious being, you may ask…

Well, the  auction will feature a number of goodies (many, but not all are RA related) that you can bid on via email (hence the silent part).

I will be posting the rules and guidelines shortly, but let me just outline the basic idea.

A bunch of items will appear in a post on the 29th of November.

if you wish to bid on a specific one, you are asked to send me an email with your bid, with the closing date being Sunday Dec. 1st.

The person who bids the highest wins.

Here’s the best part: ALL…

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Short GNC vid with Richard and Orlando before NYC event


Can’t sleep. Cuddling the kitten and browsing the Net. Another little vid I found on FB. You get to glimpse some of the fans in costume, too. 😉 Is it me, or does Richard’s voice sound higher than it has for a while, and is more of the Midlands accent coming through in places?

He even makes cobwebs sexy. Good grief.



Come here, big boy, and I’ll show you how we can burn together . . .

I think it’s just possible Richard may be even sexier in the second movie than he was in the first . . . something about this slightly darker and more dangerous Thorin that is tripping off all kinds of bells and whistles and punching me right smack dab in the old solar plexus . . . and I love the tousled bedhead look with a few cobwebs tossed in. Oh, yeah . . . just keep the giant spiders out of the mix.

And I’m not gonna let me it bother me tonight . . . Real Life and Fan Stuff


I am trying to be more relaxed about things in general. And tonight I am feeling pretty mellow, all things considered. Baby (aka Scarlett) is “nursing” (purring lustily with her little mouth pressed to my arm, kneading away).

I am watching TCM and resting my knee (more to come about that). I’ve enjoyed seeing the screencaps and video snippets re the fan event today and reading Perry’s first-hand account of her experiences.  And simply wallowing in some new images of our favorite actor.

tumblr_mvrp3dfkxi1s2gaauo1_500 (1)

Long, lean, handsome, ever-expressive RA with his frayed Prada top and leather and nape curls and jeans that don’t look as if they’d cut off his circulation for a change. 😉   Lovely man. Love that he reportedly stopped and posed for a pic with a fan even though security was trying to shoo the fan away. Just a nice guy. I have such great taste in men–the kind to marry and the kind to crush on–if I do say so myself. 😉



“Are you ready for this?” Richard addresses the camera in the latest vlog from Sir Peter.  Screencap from Me + Richard Armitage. Oh, Richard, I was born ready . . .

The truth is,  I’ve been stressing quite a bit of late–about finances (WAY too much month at the end of the money for us, and applying for disability isn’t a quick process).  About the amount of STUFF weighing me down in the psychic sense, between this house and the farmhouse, although I have managed to sell more of my jewelry; about my FMS, which seems to be getting worse (although our weather has been yo-yoing a bit and that makes a difference with FMS and arthritis, which I also have).

Today I wrenched Even Worse Knee, squashing my plans to go in early, deliver a ring I’d sold, watch the live stream on a decent connection and attend rehearsals (our first night off-book). In the wee hours when I couldn’t sleep I had been muttering my lines to myself, wanting to make sure I didn’t dry up or have to call “line” during the rehearsal. I want to be good. I WILL be good.

Apparently the rumor (according to the other play’s director) is I’m “very good” playing a wealthy lush. Certainly no typecasting there . . . this acting stuff does grow on you.

Anyhow, I didn’t see the live stream–or should I say, attempt to watch it, as previous attempts have been largely frustrating and futile–I just rested and waited for things to start popping up and it didn’t take long (thank you, fellow RA bloggers, you ROCK).


Another screencap provided by the delightful Servetus. *sigh*

My ever-supportive husband has gently asked me not to get “manic” about stuff and I really am doing my best to stay copacetic about life in general, and about being part of this fandom in particular. Because fan stuff is supposed to be fun, and me getting all wound up and exacerbating my FMS over being a little late to the party–well, that isn’t fun.


And I truly believe Richard wants us to be good to ourselves as well as others. And to have fun. And chocolate ice cream. Now if only I could have chocolate ice cream WITH Richard. Yummm.


Hey, I think he’s giving the idea two thumbs up!! COOL.

And, oh yeah, I’ve come up with a great idea for a humane society fundraiser involving the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama, written another story for the local paper about our wonderful new art gallery and written about it at my other blog (shameless self-promo. Please check out the link here with lots of pretty pictures) :

And I am planning to have a BIG yard sale to make some money, get rid of some of this stuff that feels like an albatross around my neck, and raise more funds for our humane society. Scarlett gives that two paws up! 😀

Now, to line up the minions to help me with it all . . . 1045081_659293790750839_1808054508_n

Think these guys would be available??