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There He is Again


And we’re burnin’ we’re burnin’ we’re burnin’ for him! Reblogged from FrenZ the question and answer from a gorgeous RA


“…we will all burn together.”

I can’t think of a more apt description of our collective angst today. 😀

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Thorin is hot–but have Bilbo and those elves been hitting the Botox?!?


I reblogged Perry’s post featuring the new Thorin poster from DoS (oh, heck, let’s look at it again, shall we?)


And I have to say, after taking a look at the other posters, this one IS the undisputed winner. Richard Armitage as Thorin looks fierce, determined and absolutely gorgeous. *thud* The use of light and shadow playing over those majestic masculine features here is great.

However, some of the rest of the seven new posters . . . look suspiciously tweaked. Now, I know that Photoshopping is routinely done on images like this. But there’s touching up and there’s TOUCHING UP!!

Did Martin Freeman as Bilbo have an eye tuck somewhere along his unexpected journey? A shot or two of Botox? Touched up his hair color and picked up some colored contact lenses, too?


And maybe he got said Botox in Mirkwood, because even for a slow-to-age elf, Thrandy is looking amazingly smooth . . .   especially when compared with an un-retouched photo of Lee Pace.



If it weren’t for the long blonde wig, I am not sure I’d know this was Orlando Bloom at first glance.  I know he’s a decade older than when he made the LOTR films, and he’s supposed to actually be younger in these new films, not to mention that the guy playing his dad, Lee, is roughly the same age, but–does he not look a bit–plastic–here? I think the tinted contact lenses don’t really help. Weren’t his eyes brown in the original films or am I totally confused?

legolas poster

I thought he looked a bit odd in this screencap from the earlier teaser, too. I am really hoping Leggy will look a bit more–life-like–and less CGI-like–in the finished film. Otherwise, I will find it distracting, I fear. I mean, I know the elves are somewhat airy-fairy timeless sorts and all. But.


See all of the character posters at the link below. Tell me, which do you like the best? The least? And why?

Details on Monday’s LIVE fan event. I know what I’ll be doing at 4 p.m. . . .


A link to tORN with details on Monday’s live fan event and how to watch it:

You can also tune in online here

In the U.S., it’s scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Pacific Time, 3 p.m. Mountain, 4 p.m. Central Time and 5 p.m. Eastern Time.  There’s a link at the One Ring Net page for time zone conversions.

It does appear that both Orlando Bloom and Richard will be in New York. Don’t hate me, anyone, but I really would have preferred it had just been Richard (Orlando fans, put the gol-darned maters down, now!!) I just know how Richard tends to defer to the other actors when he’s in a pair or group.  However, those who make it to NYC who are both Bloom and Armitage lovers should certainly be on cloud nine.


As for me, I am planning to go in to town earlier to take care of some business and then fire up the laptop at the dealership and tap into their more high-speed connection to watch the live stream. Fingers crossed all goes well. And then I will be off to dinner theater rehearsal, so it will be later before I can have the opportunity to post much of anything. Hopefully I am not too giddy to do my role. Then again, I am playing someone who goes from tipsy to sloppy drunk, and Armitage is rather intoxicating.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and safe travels to those who are flying or road tripping to NYC for the big event Monday (and that includes our own dear Stephanie! Whoo-hoo!)

GuyDay Friday: Gisborne, larger than life . . .


“Soooo . . . ” He glanced around the room, attempting nonchalance but not quite achieving it.

“Just me today?”

She nodded. “Just you, my dearest dark knight. No Porter or Thorin or any other ChaRActer for now.”

His handsome mouth curled into a lop-sided smile, relief visible in those kohl-rimmed blue eyes.  “I’m glad to hear it. I mean–well, after all–it IS my day.”


“Yes, it IS. Guyday Friday as always. While Portah continues to grace our screens on Friday nights for the next few weeks on Cinemax and Thorin–well, Thorin Fever is going to be in full gear, you know–” Ladywriter said with an apologetic shrug of her shoulders.

Guy gave a distinctly disdainful sniff.  “So much–hoopla–over the Little Hirsute One . . .” He rumbled, sighing.


“Well, you know–blockbuster trilogy and all that, Guy. Hoopla is bound to happen.”

He draped himself across the chair, closing his eyes, brow slightly creased, his lips parting softly in another sigh. She watched the sooty lashes flutter–Sir Guy really did know how to rock the eye makeup–and studied that very noshable lower lip.


If he leaned his head back, she’d be a goner. Ohtherehegoes . . .


Ladywriter shook her head to regain her equilibrium. The dark knight was murmuring wistfully in that delicious chocolate baritone.

“You know–I would have been good on the big screen. If only I’d have the chance . . .”

She reached out and clasped his big, broad hand in hers. “You would have been—WONDERFUL. Epic. Exciting. And sexy as all get out, of course.”

His eyes fluttered open, mouth curving into a pleased smirk.  “I would have been, wouldn’t I?”


She grinned.  “A clue–YES. A thousand times yes!”

Just imagine–all that awesome alpha maleness larger than life before your eyes . . .




If ONLY  . . . *sigh*


Happy Guyday Friday–a little late but still time to celebrate!