Daily Archives: December 4, 2013

You make my season bright (er), Mr. A. Thank you.



The publicity machine for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is well underway with another media event today, featuring the return of Fandango Guy from the premiere along with Evangeline (I wonder if anyone calls her Vangie?), Sir Peter and our own dear Richard.

I did manage to watch this with the usual fits and starts of my Country High-Speed Connection. I am learning to be more laid-back about all this stuff. I will see what I will get to see when I get to see it (goodness knows, this fandom stays on top of things). If the connection completely goes south, I won’t cry with frustration or curse the fact I live in the Middle (of Nowhere) Earth. To be honest, I haven’t caught up on all the little RA interviews from the recent world premiere. All in good time . . .  to be savored.

It’s the holiday season once more, and I am determined to enjoy it, in spite of the fact I am still broke and dealing with constant pain and fatigue on a scale that’s higher than normal. After all, I have my darling husband, my beloved pets, my friends and family. I have wonderful memories of Christmases past. Things could be a lot worse.

And I have that beautiful, charming, witty, thoughtful, benevolent and amazingly talented human being named Richard Armitage in my life again this Christmas season–even if he doesn’t have the faintest idea I even exist.


My edit using photo from Total Film Indonesia

Last year, trying to take in all the Hobbit hoopla was almost too much, but I did ultimately thrive on all the new interviews and images and all the sheer Richard Freaking Armitage awesomeness that came down the pike. I felt like that wide-eyed little kid again, eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival and all the goodies he’d leave for me under our tree.


And boy, did you deliver, Mr. A!  You thrilled us, chilled us, made us thud and swoon with your regal portrayal of the uncrowned King Under the Mountain.


And here you are again in 2013, looking as handsome and toothsome as ever, giving thoughtful answers to interview questions, signing autographs with a warm smile and managing to pose for the photogs without showing too much discomfort. A classy, mannerly gentleman. As always!  And as always I say, “Thank you for being you.”



And now I am counting down the days until I get to see the majestic Thorin larger than life once again. Christmas is coming early for me . . . thanks to you, Mr. A. I don’t need lots of packages tied up in ribbons and bows to make my season merry and bright. You help do that.


Now, back to my regularly scheduled elf activities (the good kind of Christmas elf, not one of those stuck-up, sissified Mirkwood types).