Harry Kennedy goes to Germany: Well done, Berlin & RA


Someone up there must like me after all. We all know my Country High-Speed is not really too fast, and thus watching a live streaming event is mostly an aggravating chore for those of us out here in the Middle (of Nowhere) Earth.

Fortune has smiled on me in terms of the premieres, however. Whilst I missed portions of both the LA and Berlin events, when it was time for Richard to appear, lo–it WORKED! And with a decent quality picture and sound! How wonderful to see him and hear him speak from the lavish red carpet in Berlin tonight. The event felt very expansive–both in terms of the large amount of physical space allowed to hold it, and in terms of the liberal amount of time given for the actors to visit with fans along the way. Lots of autographs signed and photos snapped!  (Screencap courtesy of RA Bulgaria on FB)



Now how about those elf ears! I loved this wonderfully fangurl-like touch on the red carpet. All screencaps unless otherwise noted courtesy of Servetus at Me + Richard Armitage.

Servetus has already voiced her delight with how well the event was managed in Berlin, and I can only second that. It was very fan-friendly AND actor-friendly. The interviewers seemed intelligent and knowledgeable and treated all with whom they came in contact on the red carpet with courtesy and respect. The actors definitely seemed to enjoy themselves with a natural rather than forced enthusiasm in the air.

Yes, I know film premieres are a much bigger deal in places like Berlin and Tokyo than in L.A. Still, I wish they could bring a little bit of that overseas dynamic to my home country for occasions such as this. Yes, I know premieres are plentiful in La-La Land; however, considering how much money the first film made and how much more moola this second film is likely to bring Warner Brothers, I just think they could, and should, do better  . . .



Note the single lock of longish hair brushing his forehead, the crinkles, the genial smile and the general air of bonhomie. I swear, Harry Kennedy, sporting a sharp suit and a bit of stubble, was peeking out tonight. And I LOVED it!


screen-shot-2013-12-09-at-2-24-42-pm (1)




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  1. He looks so wonderful and I love, love, luv the suit he’s wearing–wish the American premieres were managed half as well as this one seemed to be. I’m so sorry I missed it!

    • He looked so sharp in that suit and I loved the little strand of hair falling across his forehead . . . reminded me of Harry. Yes, it was much more impressive and enjoyable than the American premieres.

    • Yes, it was so much better than the situation in LA. The only things I did not like were the cameras cutting away from the stars in the middle of interviews and the way the actors sometimes seemed to be given the bum’s rush from the interviews when a new person came along.

  2. I’m sorry I missed it too but it was on the middle of the night down under and not even RA would induce me to miss out on my beauty sleep*

    Was it RA who said Harry Kennedy is probably the closest in character to his real nature? The school friend certainly thought so – saying she found that role made her hide behind a cushion as it felt too close to the boy she went to school with. Berlin put on a fabulous premiere and even though it was ‘work’, having family there must have made it seem more relaxed. Maybe the Real RA came out to play- he just looks awfully like Harry.

    Maybe if he was with me in person I could be persuaded…;)

    • Yes, he said the character of Harry was the one most like his own real personality. *sigh* It seemed to me that it was more of the “boy next door” Richard I was seeing and hearing rather than “movie star” Richard. Yes, he looked fab, every inch the star, but I loved his animation and all those smiles and crinkles and the general picture that he was very relaxed and just having a good time. I am certain having his family there must have given him a renewed excitement and enthusiasm for the event. And what FUN for them!! I saw one photo that I think might be RA with his nephew, but I am not sure. It was a very cute little boy in a suit with a rather RA-like grin. 😀 He could definitely persuade me to come out and play!!

  3. Angie, I’m so glad you were able to see Richard! I woke up in the early hours of the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so figured I may as well watch the premiere. Luckily I caught Richard’s appearance before the livestream froze, and I decided to go back to sleep. Not easy, with my head full of images of our lovely man.
    I really liked the two piece suit; as with the one he wore in Wellington, I think they look better on him than a three piece, although he is yummy in those too.
    You’re right about seeing Harry here, I think that’s what made this event particularly appealing -and the Waterstones appearance too- that lock of errant hair over his forehead, and the smiling, next door boyishness.
    I think Berlin did a wonderful job, the livestream was clear, the interview set up allowed for lovely close ups and there seemed to be plenty of opportunities for the fans to see and interact with the cast and others.
    Oh, and that photo of him with the little boy, whoever he was…just gorgeous.

    • Me, too. Some many things have gone wrong in my life the last couple of years (I won’t even go into the latest issues, but suffice it to say, I’ve felt stressed), a few things going right are a real blessing. 😀 I saw very little after RA’s appearance, either–live stream froze on me, too. But I had seen what I was really wanting to see, anyway. And Serv had all those terrific screencaps to share! I thought Berlin did a very good job with the event. Once again this year, the US premieres are lacking in comparison.

      He looked great. I loved the color combination he was wearing and yes, that sweet, boyish, down-to-earth Harryesque appeal was there again. Waterstones was wonderful, too–he seemed so relaxed and gosh, he looked a treat in that sweater!!

      Someone speculated that little boy might have been his nephew. The child was dressed up in a suit–if not his nephew, then the child, perhaps, of one of the other actors? Whatever the case, it’s a charming, sweet photo. RA with kids makes me all melty.

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