Richard & Luke presenting award at 40 Principales: video & screencaps


HOLA, Madrid! Well, I can confirm one thing. I do apparently speak more Spanish than Richard Ahhr-mi-ee-tahge. πŸ˜‰

I missed the live streaming of this event–I have either been (A) working on video/photo editing for PRP or (B) attempting to sleep and not necessarily doing those things in the usual day/night order. Seems like it is either feast or famine with the video production biz and right now it’s more feast, which is good, except technical glitches have nearly driven me mad this week. So I am waaaaay behind in reading/watching DoS-related material. I figure it will be there waiting for me . . .Β  still planning to see the film on Saturday with Benny and doing as I did last year, interviewing him about the film afterwards and sharing both our thoughts.

Richard Armitage France posted a few screencaps from the awards show at FB and RA Central posted Luke and RA’s snippet from the awards show. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. πŸ˜€ Or, hey, watch it again.



And this is just a bonus. Because I love his smile and oh my, those turquoise eyes . . .


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    • No problem. I ran across it earlier on FB when I was taking a break from that wedding video stuff. Nice to just be able to see what we were REALLY interested in. πŸ˜‰ He really is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

  1. Luke is a smooth talker, but sadly lacks Richards posture and class in every respect!
    Richard has very much become the man he really is – nothing of the dark and brooding image that was portrayed of him. I sincerely hope that all his fans will support him in this, to allow him to have the confidence to portray the characters that will really do his talent justice.

  2. El Hombre Ricardo Armitage es muy bueno. FedoraLady, ya gotta warn us when Ricky Muysueno and Richard are in the same clip!!! omg total o-splosion! ovaries, it wuz nice knowin’ ya, Vaya con Dios…

  3. Sorry but there is something oily(is that a word) about Luke Evans and I don’t just mean his hair. I hate to see him with Richard, at the Berlin event he was so rude snatching the microphone.

    • Sapphire, did you see the photo edit I did of a snap of RA and Luke in a recent post? I wasn’t bowled over by the microphone grabbing incident either. Richard, bless his heart, is the REAL deal. A gentlemanly class act all way round.

  4. I TREASURED Richard’s “Hola”, said with his deep voice and huge smile (I’m still sighing….) Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that he can be such a gentleman, humble and lovely.

    And, BTW Luke Evans impressed me singing “Cielito Lindo”, little things like that (as clichΓ© as someone may think they are…) make you realize that the artist is worried about giving something special to his audience.

    PD: Richard could learn more Spanish for next year. I offer myself as a voluntary teacher

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