For what it’s worth, I am still a fan! And looking to avoid the drama.


The following is the opinion of the proprietress of this blog and do es not necessarily reflect the views of her readers, fellow bloggers and assorted and sundry members of the Richard Armitage fandom. Because she doesn’t speak for anyone but herself. And she’s pretty tired of all the angst.

Some people still want the shy, boyish, slightly awkward fella in the N&S interview. And I don’t think he’s entirely disappeared, either.


But that was nearly a decade ago, and there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then for Richard Armitage. I am not the same person I was ten years ago—for better or for worse—and I doubt many of us are.  Human beings are a bit more complex and complicated than that.

The circumstances and situations in which we find ourselves require us to adjust and to adapt. Richard’s been involved for an extended period of time in the making of not one or two, but three blockbuster films in a faraway land.  He’s been to Comic-Con and on multiple press junkets requiring endless interviews and articles, and he’s made several red carpet appearances, facing a barrage of microphones, camera flashes and eager fans.
PicMonkey Collage
Shy, awkward RA has adjusted and adapted and done it beautifully, in my humble opinion. He’s grown in confidence, gotten more comfortable in his own (really lovely) skin. Yes, RA has expressed some personal political opinions. He’s made jokes and goofed around.
 Along the way he’s said and done things some fans have found offensive or objectionable. Well, you can’t please everyone and I, for one, am glad he seemingly has stopped trying, stopped worrying so much about making “the Army” happy at all time.
He’s 42 years old, all grown up, hard-working, smart and ambitious in his chosen profession. I think he’s fully entitled to have his own opinions and to express himself and to maybe blunder now and again. He is human, after all.  He’s learning as he goes along. Aren’t we all? 
I still like and admire and enjoy the heck out of the guy, and not just because he seems to get more attractive by the hour. I still find a lot to appreciate here–his work ethic, his sense of camaraderie, his sense of humor, his love for his family, gentlemanly nature and more.  I really like the man I perceive him to be–as someone commenting at Den of Geek said, “a pretty nice bloke.”
Personally, I don’t feel the need to try to scrutinize every single word, glance or minute bit of body language he ever displays. Good Lord, I certainly don’t want anyone to do that to ME!  I am only a flawed human, too.
It’s one thing to study and critique his performances; he is an actor, after all, and that is to be expected. For an actor who works at getting all the details right, I am sure it’s something to be appreciated by this dedicated actor.
 But surely it’s another thing to think we’ve got to glean something significant from everything else he ever does or says in an interview or a candid moment caught on video.
There is still an air of mystery about this very private man and that’s just fine with me. He’s more interesting, more appealing that way. I don’t need or want to know everything about him (frankly, there are some celebs I know way more about than I want to. TMI).
5ab7b8af_o (1)
Nor do I need Richard Armitage to be my reflection.
I don’t require his political or religious beliefs to always mesh with mine, or his sense of humor, for that matter. Hell, my husband, over-sized kid that he is at times, thinks stuff like “Jackass” is funny, while I—don’t. Still love that man to pieces. We are soul mates, but we aren’t the Bobbsey Twins.  We each have minds and opinions of our own.
Richard Armitage has been a positive force in my life, although that nice bloke has no idea of it. He brought me some really good, true friends along the way I would never have otherwise met, which is the greatest benefit.
 He inspired me to stretch my writing muscles and tackle fiction. To overcome my fear of computer technology and start making fanvids and fanart. Now a lot of what I learned along the way is going to good use in our video production company. Fan activities translating to RL benefits that actually bring in income! He’s brought me a lot of satisfying moments as a viewer who enjoys seeing a really talented actor bring his best to the table, no matter how small the role or how dodgy the script.
And yes, gosh, he’s just a treat to behold. *sigh* With a lot going on behind those long-lashed blue eyes, stunning cheekbones and dazzling grin.  He’s matured into a truly stunning specimen of masculine beauty. And I like looking at him and admiring all that deliciousness. Won’t apologize for that.
Because I never forget he’s also a fellow human being.
He–his face, his voice, his performances–have also helped get me through some pretty difficult passages in my life–personal and family illness, loss of loved ones, unemployment, battles with depression and more. I will be forever grateful for that.
I don’t put him on a pedestal or look at him as a plaster saint. I do see him as a lovely and benign “presence” in my life and I wish him only and always the best in his own life, both personally and professionally.
I still want to have fun in this fandom. I want my readers to feel comfortable and safe here and to have fun, too. I want to be a positive force, not a “negative Nancy.” There are enough of those out there in the world in general. I dealt with them enough for those ten years I worked with the paper and have no desire to behave like one now.
So I am going to try to avoid the drama, and just enjoy the ride . . .  come with me if you wish.
All photo edits and fanart are my own. Screencaps snaffled from various pages on FB . . . and from Me + Richard Armitage.

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    • Thank you, everyone, for your comments and kind words of support for me AND for Mr. A. I cried again earlier, but not from pain, frustration and sadness as I did last night. This time, it was from happiness and gratitude in knowing I have good mates such as you all out there. God bless you all!

      There will be more fun and festive posts coming before Christmas and just maybe a surprise or two for you all.

      Turns out we won’t be going to my sister’s home this weekend for the family to celebrate together as her hubby is not doing well (prayer would be appreciated if you are so inclined). I am mailing her a Christmas care package tomorrow with a copy of our Christmas show DVD and a surprise or two (in case she’s reading!).

      As for the reasons some people are upset, angry or disappointed with RA–well, in my mind, there’s nothing there to get all bent out of shape over. If the man has to stop and think and ponder over whether every blessed thing he ever does or says might not possibly be offensive in some way to someone somewhere out in this great, big world—well, he’d never get anything accomplished! Let’s all cut each other some slack, right? Love you all!!

      • Lucky for us there are more of us than them. I can only feel sorry for them that their world revolves around such negativity when our revolves around such joy, happiness and friendships!

      • First of all, i’d like to wish your sister and her OH well at this difficult time. I don’t pray but i will be thinking of her and sending positive vibes their way for his recovery.

        Although i don’t want to disrupt this lovely positive thread, i do have to say that i can understand why some people are upset by one of Richard’s recent stunts. The trauma and grief suffered by someone affected by suicide is enormous and often complicated. To see a picture of him pretending to hang himself could have been a nasty trigger for those people. Of course he would never have done that intentionally, and unless i am reading RA completely wrong, he probably regrets the stunt in hindsight. He’s human and like the rest of us, makes mistakes. i suppose what i am trying to say is that anyone feeling negative towards him because of this deserves our kindness and understanding too – they are probably travelling a very hard road.

        • And probably if he’d more time to think about it, he’d have done something else, but it’s done and out there on the net and he can’t go back and undo it. It’s unfortunate but there it is. I’ve struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide before myself–I’ve never really talked about it, because I haven’t wanted to bring that up–because I get so tired of the endless pain and fatigue and know this is what the rest of my life will be like. I’ve also had several acquaintances commit suicide–there was almost a rash of it in my community at one time. 😦

          But I don’t believe holding a grudge against Richard or anyone else over something like that is really going to help my situation or anyone else’s. We all do dumb things sometimes. This is a difficult time of year for many people for a variety of reasons, and again, let’s be extra-forgiving when a friend, or someone we perceive as a friend of sorts, lets us down in some way. Holding on to anger and bitterness just makes things a lot worse. Learned that from experience . . .

  1. I’ve enjoyed the ride with you for a good long time now and I ain’t getting off any time soon. Strength to your arm, FL, and very well-said throughout.

  2. Amen to all the above Angie dear! I have often wished I had the talent to put how I feel about Richard into words but in this wonderful post you have done the work for me. I’ve almost stopped commenting on blogs these days as I’m weary of all the negativity I’ve been finding. Life can be hard enough without dealing with that.

    I got to know you through being us both being admirers of Richards long before you had a blog. I enjoyed the fun aspect of it and that is why it has meant so much to me. I could go on, but I would only be repeating what you have already written. It sums up pretty perfectly what Richard has done and continues to do for me on a daily basis. God bless you – and Richard!

  3. I cannot but agree with everything you mentioned above! Thank you very much for expressing things that have to be said – urgently! He is an actor – we are fans: no more and no less…

  4. So perfectly expressed, dear Angie, that I don’t see how anyone could improve upon it–Richard has been a lovely and positive force in my life for years now, and I don’t see that ending. He has inspired me in more ways that I can list here, getting me through many dark and painful times by the sheer force of the soul and inner beauty of a man that more than matches his outer beauty. I’ve appreciated all of his performances over the years and looked to him many times to draw me over a rough patch in my own life when it seemed that nothing else could. Of course h’s changed–haven’t we all? In addition, I’ve met some wonderful friends in the fandom and found many kindred spirits that I’d never have connected with any other way. God bless him and everything he has brought to my life over the years. I wish him only good things, great success and much happiness, all of which he deserves. We all do.

  5. I haven’t been commenting much over recent times either- partly because I’m frantically busy in my RL but also because I don’t want to land myself in the middle of a spat. That’s not what I come to this fandom for- I come for fun, laughter and friendship. And I do think you facilitate that well on this blog, Angie. My feeling is that, for one reason or another ( and probably not much to do with Richard Armitage himself) this community is going through a period of change. I’m confident we will emerge better for it but I fear some hurt feelings along the way. But, to paraphrase RA, being kind to one another will help ( and scrolling past those who seem to gain pleasure from attacking others.)

    • I love that part of your comment Bolly, “I come for fun, laughter and friendship”. These are the best things about this community and the lovely people like yourself whom I have met because of it. I would be deeply saddened if it were to suffer because we have forgotten that.

      • Oh, well said, Teuchter – and Bolly. I have had fun, laughed loud and hard and have made friends: good, true friends. I have had two of our community come to London and stay with me: ladies I would never have otherwise met, and my life is so much richer for them. Thank you Rich and thank you Angie. And thank you to all you others who make this such a great place to visit.

  6. Brilliant as ever Angie. I love this fandom and I love logging on everyday to check everything out yours is always the first blog I come to. Agree with everything you have said. Just checking out these blogs has helped me through some bad times and there are such talented people on here and I ‘ve “met” some likeminded people which is great and on a shallow note lets face it he is one gorgeous looking man and very talented man as well. What more could one ask when you fangirling!!!

  7. Amen Angie. This sudden need to psychoanalyze his every move is a little alarming, we’re his fans, not his keepers, his minders, his agent, whatever. I just don’t understand the hoopla and don’t feel the need to ask if he’s had work done on his nose, or why does he look different, or why is he acting different. We can’t expect him to be the same man forever, people change, it’s human nature. And if he’s happy with who he is, we have no right to criticize him for anything.

  8. Angie, you’ve expressed my own thoughts so well. I have nothing to add. Fun, laughter and friendship- that’s the ticket! I am not getting off this ride. No way! Thanks, friend.

  9. Thank you for this post. Even with all my experience in various fandoms, it’s been a little alarming to see the speed with which some have seemingly turned on someone they profess to admire. I have always regarded Richard Armitage (and the subjects of my previous fandoms) as that most unpredictable and uncontrollable of beings: an actual human being, just like the ones in own lives. Sometimes they disappoint us, or we misunderstand them, or they misunderstand us. This is going to be especially true when the relationship is as (frankly) one-sided as ours is with Richard, and he has no real way of anticipating how each one of us individually feels or thinks.
    I can’t say that this was an easy lesson to learn. It was in fact bloody difficult, so I applaud you on the others on the thread.

  10. It occurs to me that we are all here because of our mutual admiration for the beauty and talent of an *actor*. He is not a deity or superhuman: he happens to be a normal person with an apparently attractive personality and a particular gift that has given him a certain amount of – well deserved – fame and us – the “consumers” of said gift – a huge amount of pleasure. For many, judging by the comments I have read, it has been so much more than pleasure, and that is truly wondrous. Who gives a toss if he’s had a nose-job or whether the skin under his chin is starting to sag or if he’s acting more confident in interviews or actually is! if, for reasons best known to him and his advisers,, he’s had cosmetic things done which will potentially enhance his marketability, then fine. We all benefit: he advances his career and income stream and, in turn, we get to see more of him.

    This is a forum to share fun and laughter and enjoyment and admiration. That is why I am here now, have been for a long time (even if I do not often contribute of late) and intend to be for as long as Angie has the stamina to keep this blog going. The day blogger and blogees (?) descend to the bitchiness, gratuitous unpleasantness and superciliousness that I have experienced only today, that is the day I am gone.

  11. I feel like I have been missing out on a lot of what’s been going on (quite gratefully, if it’s negative). My housemate also pointed out that I tend to go only to places where fans share my happy and positive feelings for Richard and appreciate him, so maybe that’s why. I haven’t noticed any huge changes in him, with the exception of a somewhat easier and more confident interaction with the huge changes in his life, and haven’t been looking for them, truthfully, To me, Richard is as he’s always been–a wonderful, talented, beautiful gentleman who treats his fans and co-workers with great care and respect.

  12. Hugs and kisses to you, and lots of appreciation to everyone on this thread – I’m so happy there are so many of us who can agree on this – I somehow missed the fights, thank god – and lots of thoughts and prayers to those who need them at this time (including Richard as he goes through this transition in his career and life)…

  13. I have been traveling for the last 7 days and I have obliviously missed the negativity about Richard that has occurred. I still don’t know what the fuss is all about. I have a different view about the differences in his behavior from last year. He recently stated in several interviews that he has no future projects, he is searching for a US TV Show, independent film, etc. Even with the success of The Hobbit, he is not working like many of the other actors. He has to “up his game” to compete with the younger actors like Orlando, Benedict, Luke Evans, Lee Pace, etc. Richard is 6 to 8 years older at 42. He is definitely cultivating a more youthful image to attract the attention of producers and appeal to a larger fan base. He is slimmer, wearing a longer hair style and causal modern clothes, etc. In some of the interviews, he seems to be trying too hard with witty answers or hang over jokes. One thing is clearer then mud, He is looking for work! I don’t think his life is so easy. He looks happy and at ease in many of his interviews but so do all the other Hobbit actors! We really don’t know the kind of stress he is under trying to compete for roles he wants. This time last year, He talked about 5 film roles he really wanted to do and none of them came through for him. That had to be very disappointing to him. He also deals with a lot of endless repetitive questions and sometimes silly reporters. He plays along with them in good humor. It has to be very difficult in these interviews being asked over and over what are his future projects. I am a devoted fan and I admire him in so many ways. I have not read or heard one negative remark about him from co-workers or fans who have met him. His co-workers, producers and directors have complimented him as being an exceptional human being and actor. As far as the nose job??? Oh please, when has he had the time to go under the knife for a nose job? He has been interviewing, doing promotional photo shoots, constant traveling since filming ended in July. I am staying away from the drama and enjoy the man’s fine qualities both as an actor and as a human being. I appreciate your positive attitude and am with you 100%.

    • It really makes me irritated when people don’t take into account how grueling these press tours have got to be. Sure it’s only a couple or three weeks out of the year. HOWEVER– how many of us have had to do that many different types of interviews, written, radio and video, plus all the red carpets and the special events like Waterstones? And in different cities on different continents? Think of the fatigue, jet lag and potential boredom of being asked the same questions over and over and over again . . .

      And frankly, some of the interviewers are a bit on the idiotic side. Yes, I do think he is cultivating a younger look for a very specific reason—to be more viable in a great number of potential film roles. I do dearly want the right opportunities to open up for him. I do. In a world of Kanyes and Kims, what a refreshing thing it is to have a man like Richard Armitage in existence. Good to hear from you, girl! 😀

  14. Thank you Angie. As one who has foot-in-mouth down to a fine art and does dumb things that have her mentally kicking herself, I am the last person to pass judgement on Richard. Yes, sometimes what he says niggles at me but, because the yummy stuff (and boy, there’s so much of it!) far outweighs the negative, I get over it and move on, as I do with my RL loved ones. Those who love me do as well. Why would I expect anything different of Richard? Last time I looked he was human like the rest of us, albeit a particularly spectacular one! Frankly I find constant swearing and flipping the bird more personally offensive and harder to look past than Richard’s occasional lapses.
    I am fortunate to have a good life. Having Richard “in” it, and sharing the fun and laughter that it brings with like minded people, makes it even better.

    Sending positive thoughts your family’s way, Angie. xx

  15. This is a really lovely post, and it sums up how a lot of us feel about the actors who capture our attention. It is only the minority who have to go and spoil it for us all, but it’s fans like you that the actors must appreciate the most. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  16. WOW, someone is upset about that picture? That’s just the internet for you, something meant as a joke and people get all bent out of shape. I can’t imagine for the life of me why RA is having trouble finding work, I keep hoping to read about his next movie deal & so far nothing. Meanwhile, Martin Freeman is supposedly doing an American TV show based on the movie “Fargo”, and he’s about the same age as Richard, so what gives? Oh, I hope something good comes up for him soon!

    • I can see why it might bother some people, but I don’t think anyone should dwell on it. I am absolutely certain RA meant nothing malicious by it!! Toni, that’s my wish, too. I see people who I frankly think are far less talented and versatile than Richard (and less attractive and not a lot younger, etc) getting roles while he doesn’t. I only want the best for him!

  17. I feel for Richard in that he has worked so long and hard with “The Hobbit” movies and now finds himself without work–as we all know, this is a very difficult thing for him because of the past and has to be scary for him regardless of his recent successes. He’s stated many times that he still always has in the back of his mind that it will all be taken away from him. (Also, about the nose job? What, do people think you just walk into the doctor’s office and he lops some off and you’re out and about the next day? Puh-leeze! Besides that, his nose doesn’t look any different to me). Cut the man some slack, folks–this has all had to be an enormous transition for him and he is still working his way through it–and quite admirably, I think. We’re with you, Richard–and also you, dear Angie. I am praying for your sister and her husband and you and Benny as well. It is the season to be kind and caring–those who wish to act like nitwits are certainly entitled, but I’d rather not be involved.

    • It is said an actor never really feels secure if he doesn’t have more work waiting for him. So it has to be hard. 😦 A friend posted on FB earlier that a lot of people professing to be Christians weren’t exactly behaving with love towards one another and cautioned people to think about what they said and how they said it, especially at this time of year. I think no matter what our religious beliefs may or may not be, we have to believe Richard’s words about being extra-kind and extra-forgiving would make this world a better place. As for me, I am just sick and tired of all the unnecessary drama. Enough real life kind to do me just fine! 😉

  18. I needed couple of days to get over his last “job”..but I’m with you dear Angie .
    I love Richard’s silly sense of humor…I love his goofy smiles as much as I love Mr.Thornton brooding and Guy’s scowl 🙂 He gave me so much pleasure during all those years..I will be forever grateful.

  19. I adore it when he’s goofy–I think it’s his lighter side finally coming a little more to the forefront of his personality and it’s wonderful to see. I also just finished reading his Christmas message in which he apologized for the non-fan-friendly atmosphere in LA–makes me feel a bit better about the same thing we experienced in New York at the fan event. I know Richard likes his fans and I had a feeling that he wasn’t thrilled at being “protected” by all the overbearing security people.

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