Oh, Guylty, Oh, Guytly, Your *Ooofy* Posts Delight Me. May I say thank you? ;)


Technical expertise and the history of photography combine beautifully with pure appreciation of our lovely Richard in your posts, dear Guylty,making them pressies we can anticipate each week throughout the year. Because you, my friend, also love my creative endeavors in fan fic, especially that wild slashy NC-17 ride known as “Guy and Rebecca: The Adventures Continue” (which *ahem* can be found at Dreamer Fiction and Live Journal under fedoralady) I made these little photo edits with you in mind. Ho, ho, ho!!! 😉 I hope you will all enjoy these images . . .




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    • 😀 Thanks! I had fun. I’d promised Guylty I had a little Christmas pressie for her and I thought I would go ahead and share with everyone. 😉 And I wish you all the best in the coming year, too!

  1. Oh – my – goodness!!!!!!!!!! Angie!!!!!!!! What a wonderful surprise!!!!!! Thank you – you are so kind. Waking up to this post on a Sunday morning – is there anything better? And to have the wonderful anticipation now of getting another glimpse at the Wonder Twins… I can’t wait!!!
    I have probably said this before: While Servetus was my intro into RA blogging, I discovered fanfic before that. Your stories were my intro into that particular universe. I read all of TAC, and anything I could get my hands on, all through March and April 2012. My first comment – still bashfully anonymous – was the 24th of May 2012 on TAC. http://fedoralady.livejournal.com/38033.html?thread=640145#t640145 And the fact that you kindly responded (two years after you had come to the (then!) conclusion of TAC) further encouraged me to de-lurk in the blogworld.
    So can I say here that I am delighted to be part of this community with you! Your warmth and good humour are encouraging and exemplary. You entertain us with your funny manips and cheerful posts, reinforcing the positivity, and celebrating the joy of appreciating Mr A. Fandom is meant to be fun – and your contribution definitely is mindful of that. It is a pleasure to be in this with you.
    And thank you very much for your lovely compliments – I am truly blessed to have readers like you. A merry, happy, joyful Christmas to you, too! xxx

    • 😀 It is more blessed to give than to receive, yes? I love being able to surprise friends and family in little ways. I can no longer sneak down to the old farmhouse and slip goodies into my parents’ stockings before Christmas, but hey, I can post fun things on my blog! LOL

      I am glad I could be an encouragement to you in the fandom in terms of de-lurking, because we have certainly enjoyed your presence. Hey, if anyone is nice enough to to take the time to comment on my fanfic, especially years after I have written it, I figure they deserve a response. 😀 Thanks for sharing that Link!! I appreciate your kind words.

      I am so tired of the general negativity and gloom and doom around me right now, I feel as if I must strike some sort of blow for fun and festivity and an more positive outlook. As I have said, this is a hard holiday for my family this year, and it’s been a hard year for us, but I know there are still things to be glad about (now I sound like a regular Pollyanna!).

      I have more RA holiday fun planned. Today (or should I say, yesterday. It’s almost 5 am and haven’t been to bed) I napped a lot due to the rainy, blustery weather, but I also had lots of photo editing fun. Not only with RA stuff, but with yours truly and my hubby. Having seen some of it,he thinks I have lost my mind, but still loves me anyway. 😉

      • Well, he couldn’t do anything but!!! And Pollyanna or not – there’s enough bad stuff in this world, so let’s keep zooming in on the beauty and the joy aka RA. I’m happy to pollyanna with you any time! xx

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