Daily Archives: January 1, 2014

Oh, my. What a beautiful young man. Courtesy of a Russian fan.


This is courtesy of the wonderful page Richard Armitage Bulgaria on FB . . .

“So, girls, I have small new-year present for you. As most of you know, 1995-1998 Richard enrolled on a three-year Acting course at the London Academy of Music and… Dramatic Art (LAMDA).This is his photo, along with pictures of other famous alumni on the walls in the lobby of LAMDA. I know the quality is not very good[it’s taken by one very big Russian fan of Richard Armitage by the phone and i post here with her kind permission and lots of my  photoshop work ], but the picture is rare and i don’t think you can find another one in Internet. Happy New Year!”
I can’t read the information under the photo but the date does appear to be 1998, so our Richard would have been 27. Looks like he has his hair from “This Year’s Love,” doesn’t it?

And people thought John Barrymore was beautiful and “The Great Profile.” Oh, Richard . . . and you just keep getting better, my love. Stronger and more assured in your craft, more comfortable in your own skin and ever more captivating to us. And aging like the finest of wines.