Guyday Friday: The Dark Knight Plunders, LW Wonders


“Sooooo–what is on that fertile mind of yours, dearest Ladywriter?”


The familiar dark chocolate rumble sounded in her ears and LW smiled. She was awake, but eyes closed. LW was daydreaming a bit, still gratefully tucked beneath the covers late on a damp, bone-chilling winter’s morning. It had been a long, restless, painful night.

“Hullo, Sir Guy, my dearest dark knight. Another Friday has arrived . . . ” She gave a small sigh. “My mind doesn’t feel terribly fertile of late, although I DID get a little writing done while the internet was down all day yesterday. And some reading . . .”

LW opened her eyes and laughed softly. “YOU have been–plundering my thoughts again, Sir Guy.”


He doffed the tricorn atop his handsome head and swept her an elegant bow, the silver buttons shining on his royal blue velvet frock coat, the fabric shot through with pale blue and silver embroidery . . .

“So what shall it be, my lady, am I the rakish highwayman who retains a noble spirit, or that irresistible vampire pirate captain sailing upon the Charteuse Bastard or–”

He raised those dark brows and waggled them roguishly in her direction, giving her a smug and devilish smile.

“Or what about that re-teaming of the Wonder Twins you promised our darling Guylty??”


“Sir Guy–I truly do not know what is next . . . only that I must write–something.” She blinked back a few unbidden tears. “Even if it isn’t any good. I have to try.”

Sir Guy’s expression softened and came to her side, taking her hands in his own.
“My dearest Ladywriter, I shall be your muse, provide that creative spark–of course, it will be good.” Sir Guy sniffed and flicked back his lustrous black mane.

“How could it be anything else?”

She laughed in spite of herself. “Indeed, you are right. How could it be?”  LW pressed a kiss to the back of his hand. “Thank you for the reminder . . .”

Happy Guyday Friday!

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Dear Sir Guy. So glad he managed to cheer you up and I hope you have a better day.

    Hmm, he would be good as a highwayman, wouldn’t he… 😉 I do like to see him on a horse, too.

    • Sir Guy has an amazing ability to improve things for me. 😀 Well, I have been up and around more this afternoon than in several days, so that’s an improvement. We are finally out of the cellar in terms of temperature, but we have rain moving in again. I have to admit to feeling a touch of spring fever coming on . . . you know, I have part of a novel written with Sir Guy as a dashing, enigmatic 18th century highwayman. I reached a point last year where I got stuck and just never got unstuck. I started rewriting the first 18 chapters and stalled out.

  2. Oh Angie, come on, let me give you a hug, too. The new year is starting cold for you. How lucky that you have the hot knight to emit some heat *coughs*.
    I am hugely intrigued by the 18-chapter-novel. That sounds fantastic. But I can imagine it seems like a journey without end to tackle that again. There nothing to it but to do it (she says far too lightly). And yes, I may be a little bit self-serving when I say that maybe, maybe your creative juices might start flowing again once you start on a short once-off like the reunion of the Wonder Twins??? No pressure. The words will come when they *want* to come.

    • Thanks, Guytly. 😀 It’s actually warmed up (but more heavy rain is on the way, oh boy! NOT) but it *has* been wretchedly cold for our part of the world, and with no central heat, it’s been a challenge. Thank goodness for Sir Guy!! 😉 I really had only a few more chapters to go on the novel (of course, if it turned out like “Truce” that could have kept stretching out) and what with one thing and another–*sigh*.

      I think the Wonder Twins is a good place to start. And not just because of you, my fanfic fan. 😉

      • You have no idea how much I like to read that. And the Wonder Twins :-)… In solidarity I might start writing on my Tuesday *ooof* now. The opportunity is too good to miss: Mr G has left the building 😉 Let’s get going…

        • I have actually been composing (drafting would probably be a better word) a Wonder Twins story in my head this weekend . . . still not sure if it will be any good, but I am going to give it a shot this week. 😀

          • I can’t believe I haven’t reacted to this wonderful “announcement”. Very glad to hear this, Angie. Hope you had some time to get your head into the right space. But hey, there is no hurry. How about a Valentine’s special 😉

            • I *really* want to do more writing this year. Of different kinds. Also improve my photography. I just ordered a photography course through Great Courses. 84 percent off the regular price, so I could actually afford it! Our weather has been so yucky and I haven’t felt well and I told Benny I HAD to get out of this house this week—not that I don’t have plenty to do here and lovely pets to keep me company, I am just sick of these same four walls! Going to start crawling them very soon . . .

              • Oh, photography is great for that. It can be used as a motivation to leave the house. But if the weather is sh*te, you can set up a little play area inside and experiment with long-exposures of running water, or falling eggs, or fluffing flour… Go for it – the course is a great way of getting some stuff on the sensor.

              • Exactly! And I have been wanting to document some of the old structures that were part of my childhood in this area and are still standing–with good weather I can get out and do that. Quite excited about the idea of it all. It was very highly rated by those who have taken it. And I really NEED something like this right now, what can I say?

              • Oh, yeah, definitely. I like sharing my creative endeavors *when* they turn out well. (The others quietly disappear into File 13, the circular one . . . 😉 )

              • LOL I know the feeling!! I really need to clear some stuff off mine. Working for the newspaper and having to do spot coverage at times where you have so little control, you’d just shoot and hope for the best—I was actually trying to take my mother to an appt. at the hospital one day and got caught in a traffic snarl after a terrible accident on the interstate. I wasn’t technically working but I was on the scene (van full of homeless people hit head-on, multiple fatalities). I happened to have my P&S digital with me and zoomed in to get pix of the aftermath. The lone shoe and a piece of clothing sitting forlornly in the middle of the pavement. And my photograph won a press association award that year . . . you never know.

              • Oh yeah. I always carry my “camera of maybe” with me. Most often than not it will not leave the bag. (At least I am building up shoulder and bicep muscles…) But yes, out of 200 shots there may be 20 good ones. A lot of that is due to digital – you just don’t have to prepare so much when you know that your shot doesn’t cost you anything. When I was shooting large format for my project,one SINGLE PHOTO cost me about 8$ in film and developing. You definitely slow down and take more care with your shots when you have to pay that much…
                That’s so cool about that award. A lot of photography is about the “decisive moment” (Henri Cartier-Bresson) – and about being in the right place at the right time. And keeping cool, seeing the extraordinary, and making the capture. Well done!

              • When I first started with the paper, we were still using film. Once we went to digital, yes, we were shooting like crazy. Makes a big difference. I can see why you had to be very judicious with your shots with every photo costing you that much! You know, my first thought when I saw the aftermath of that wreck was “Oh, those poor people.” Because that van had the top sheared off of it. There was no way someone didn’t die, I just knew that. And then almost immediately I reached back for the camera and rolled down my window and started taking photos, hoping for at least one decent image. And it ultimately paid off.

              • It’s that horrible quandary you can find yourself in as a photographer: tell the story or help? (Although it sounds in your case as if the emergency services were already called or there). Do you know the story of Kevin Carter? He shot that famous photo of the starving child with the vulture waiting for it to die. He could never live with himself for having taken the picture and not done something else, to save the child (even though he probably couldn’t have done anything) – he eventually committed suicide.

              • I definitely felt a terrible twinge of guilt (like a bit of a vulture myself) yet I also felt the pull of the journalistic instinct. BUT yes, first responders were already on the scene (my mother’s mammogram ultimately had to be rescheduled because our small town hospital was too wrapped up trying to take care of the accident victims). Otherwise, I would have wanted to try to do something to help. I had not heard that story, but I can believe the burden of guilt you carry with you after such an event could lead you to do that . . .

              • Oh, and I got notification the course DVDs shipped today by FedEx Smartpost from Virginia, so I should have them by early next week if not sooner. 😀

  3. Hello there. I’ve been reading your posts for a few days now and have been enjoying myself very much. I keep running across mentions of a site called dreamerfiction where you post stories. As I understand I need a password for this site. Is there any way I can get one from you? I’d love to read your stories. Just reading your posts is entertaining. They’ve cheered me up when I was down, and that’s hard to do.

    Anyway please let me know about that site. I hope your weekend has been treating you better then you Friday did, and I hope your creative juices start flowing! I used to write a lot but this last year has been hard and I’ve found it difficult to get back on the wagon. I miss it so much and I know where you’re coming from. Here’s hoping we can both get back to what we love!

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