I do love that unaffected Armitage, don’t you?



In the wonderful interview linked above, Fly High blogger Maria Garza asks celebrity photographer Sarah Dunn to describe several of her famous clients in one word. Dunn’s word for Richard Armitage?


Here’s how Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word~

Unaffected: (adjective) 1. Not influenced or changed mentally, physically or chemically. 2. Free from affectation; genuine.  Synonyms include: real, simple, unpretentious, sincere, natural, unassuming, unspoilt. First known use: 1586.


I was very pleased to see Ms. Dunn chose this word to describe RA–pleased, but not one bit surprised.  After  more than six years of seeing/reading his interviews and watching him in behind-the-scenes footage, it’s how I have imagined him to be in real life.

A few fans have expressed fears that making big blockbuster films and getting the additional media attention that comes with that might cause Richard to “go Hollywood.”

Personally, I didn’t and don’t foresee that happening. Unlike, say, Justin Beiber, he’s not a 19-year-old kid who spits on the heads of his fans from a balcony and eggs his neighbor’s house (thank goodness!). Richard is a mature, seasoned man who’s worked hard for decades in a profession that is undeniably tough–few people actually make a living at it–striving to always improve himself, going from strength to strength.

I don’t think he’s the kind of person who would ever forget the so-called “little people,” because frankly, I don’t think he sees them as little people.

He’s mentioned the Golden Rule before, and he seems to practice what he preaches–he treats others the way he himself would like to be treated.  We see that, time and time again, in how friendly, approachable and courteous he is with his fans  Even when he’s got to be tired of smiling and signing and posing.

Is he more media savvy, more polished these days? Sure. But I don’t think the fundamental core that *is* Richard Armitage has changed.


Many “reality stars” who became famous for–well, for what, I am not exactly certain–come to have an inflated view of their own importance. Some actors begin to believe their own press. It goes to their heads.

I don’t believe our unassuming, unpretentious, unaffected Armitage is in danger of that.


Edit by Fernanda Matias at FB. From a screencap of Cinemax interview with TH cast.

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  1. Love your caps. He certainly seems so genuine…and unaffected. Everyone who describes him says the same thing. I am reminded of how Martin Freeman described him in the press conference for AUJ. While we cannot pretend to know him, if those who works with him describe him that way, it must be true. Just one more reason to admire him…..

    • Thanks, Mel. And yes, while I don’t pretend to know the “real” RA, everything I’ve read and seen and my gut feeling tell me he is what it says on the tin–a truly nice, decent, down-to-earth man I can respect and admire beyond his amazing talent.

  2. Oh yes… I’ve been thinking about Ms. Dunn’s description and I like what it implies. 🙂
    I haven’t been around that long, but from what I see while the packaging may have changed with time and experience, the goods inside are always top quality.

    • Very well put, R. Yes, he’s looking and behaving with more confidence these days, dressing better, looking the part of the star for his public appearances–but I believe the core remains the same. One lovely, top-drawer kind of guy. 😀

  3. Thanks for the dictionary definition – I was slightly confused by the word, even though I took it to mean the second thing, unpretentious, level-headed, normal. If he were unaffected as in unchanged, he’d be in the wrong profession.

    • Well, I wondered if there *might* be some small bit of confusion among some fans, especially those who aren’t native English speakers. Thought maybe sharing the dictionary definition might help . . . we are all changed by life in some ways, aren’t we? The man has surely had to build a thick skin to deal with the rejection inherent in his profession, to learn to persevere through the bad patches; he’s gained confidence and ever more poise and so on. And yet he seems to have remain refreshingly unspoiled and really sweet and kind and thoroughly likeable. The unassuming boy next door who happens to be gorgeous, charismatic and uber-talented. 😀

  4. Wonderful post, Angie, and I agree with every word you said–I think Richard will, at core, stay as he is. A courteous, caring gentle man who has worked very hard and appreciates those who support him along the way. I don’t see that many actors who continue to treat their fans in the lovely way Richard always seems to, with kindness and consideration.

    • I think he will always be true to his core values and beliefs. He strikes me as someone with a truly grateful heart, no sense of entitlement, no swelled head. In a field where “egos are busy writing checks a body can’t cash” 😉 he manages it all so well, it seems to me. It’s why I have always wanted to have the chance to tell him, “Thank you,Richard, for being–YOU.”

      • I think that’s the best thing about him–as gorgeous and wonderful as he is, there’s always that quality of him just “being Richard” at heart.

  5. It appears that he is a very decent person, who was fortunate to have very decent parents! His mum’s beautiful face indicates the same strength and determination of her son’s. Have seen no photo of father A, but he must also be a role model.

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