RA gets thumbs up in Flickfilosopher’s 2014 Film Preview!



(Thanks to Berta Martinez for posting link to the blog on FB)

I don’t know about you, but I do get tired of the seemingly endless output of Hollywood films which are reboots, sequels, cartoon (and not even good cartoons. Come on . . . the Smurfs??) or comic book-related . . . so something a little more original is a welcome thing.

Apparently the folks at Flickfilosopher agree, providing us in the above link with a list of films slated to debut in 2014 that are a bit more original. And guess what is one of their most anticipated? I will give you a hint.


Yup. “Into the Storm,” formerly known as “Black Sky” aka the lo-o-o-ng-awaited “Tornado Movie” which was greatly delayed when their FX company went belly up and a scramble took place to get the SFX completed.

Here’s what Flicklosopher had to say:

Into the Storm (August 8): Early buzz on this one pegs it as a found-footage(?) Twister writ large, with remarkably realistic FX, or so some early audiences have revealed. Plus, it stars Hobbit It Dwarf Richard Armitage, already well-drooled-over by lovers of Brit TV. He deserves to be a huge Hollywood star, and maybe this will be the flick that does it for him. [IMDb]

I remember reading some of the preview audience members’ reactions, and they did seem pretty positive. And the thought of not having to wait until December to see RA on the big screen again–not the mention the possibility our hero actually survives this one *sniff*–makes me eager to go, well, “into the storm.”

Screenshot courtesy of Todd Garner


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  1. Encouraging news. It did rather appear a B-type movie. (Marketing is Everything 🙂 ) Perhaps it will emerge as a “sleeper” ? And why are we brain-washed to think Hollywood the centre of the creative universe? (Because that is how the game plays….)

    • Yes, marketing often is. 😉 The truth is, a lot of would-be big budget blockbusters have not done so well at the box office. It would be great if a more moderately budgeted film could really perform well in comparison.

  2. He does deserve to be a major star, period–it’s certainly not his fault (or ours) that Hollywood producers seem to have all morphed into major non-creative idiots these days. I don’t care what finally does it for him as long as something does!

    • They tend to stick with what is tried and true, even in the face of diminishing returns. And good lord, how does Tom Cruise keep to get making these expensive films which are neither critical nor commercial successes? Because he’s Tom Cruise, I guess. *sigh* Yes, I simply want RA to get the recognition and the opportunities he so richly deserves.

  3. I hope some time was spent on ADR so if his American accent needed refining he was able to correct it When he admitted he had gone straight from TH on the Friday to filming on the Monday I grimaced as I had hoped he would have had time for a dialect coach. He has such a wide command of British accents (audio work from the Ted Hughes letters to Georgette Heyer proves this) that it would be a shame if the film (for me) was spoilt by rude comments about his accent.

    • Frankly, accents are not all that important to me–who’s to say he’s not a British man who married and American woman and emigrated to be with her? I just want to see the film and I’m very happy that Richard is already getting great reviews for his performance.

    • Actually one of the preview audience members said they thought his accent was quite decent, which was welcome news to me. It’s also very likely they had a dialect coach on the set to work with him and other actors. I am going to maintain a positive outlook about this. 😀

  4. Thought I’d mention that Per Hallberg, the Oscar-winning post-production sound editor for ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Bourne Ultimatum’, has added ‘Into the Storm’ to his credits. So it’s definitely going to sound great!!

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