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Memorable Adventure (Finale) …


Here’s the much-anticipated finale to Zan’s amazing Big Apple adventure with RICHARD!!

Well, There You Go ...

(Need the link to Part 1?  Here ya go  … )  (Need the link to Part 2?  Here ya go  … )

Did you ever step into a room and feel like time stops.  The moment freezes.  Your brain has a huge “What the front door am I doing here?” moment.  And then, as if someone flips a switch, everything moves at normal speed around you again.

That was the feeling that washed over me when we stepped over the threshold of the Gallery.  In front of us were the cast from the play, mingling, talking, laughing.  The air was positively electric with happiness, and perhaps a bit of relief that they had pulled the night off so well. The smiles on the faces that greeted us were genuine, reflected in their eyes as well as their demeanor.

And enter Zan, who everyone thinks is an extrovert but…

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To the people who devoted their lives to struggling for the civil rights of all Americans


In honor of Martin Luther King Day in the US, and the continued effort to establish racial equality and harmony. Don’t let the dream die.

Me + Richard Armitage

I offer my modest and presumptuous thanks. Thanks to the people who inspired each other and us with their vision, to the great speakers and organizers, to every person who supported their efforts with their prayers, to the janitors and cleaning women without number, thanks to everyone who scraped coins together for a child to go to school, for everyone who studied hard to change the world, everyone who walked into an unfriendly educational institution, for everyone who stood and stands in the way of the daily violence we call racism, for everyone who repented of violence or discrimination and tried and tries to the see the world in a new way, for everyone who tries harder.

We’ve got a long way to go, still, and I see how long that distance is every day on my campus and in the street, but I still fervently hope and believe the…

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