Richard’s ChaRActers to the Rescue! Warm us up way down south . . .


A swath of the southern U.S. from Houston, Texas across the Gulf Coast right up the Atlantic Coast is expecting to experience sleet, freezing rain, snow and ice over the next couple of days. And that is big news, folks. We aren’t used to it and we aren’t equipped for it (goodness knows, local citizens who’ve never lived in other parts of the country as we have don’t know how to drive in it). And if we lose power in an ice storm, it’s gonna be kind of miserable around here for at least a little while.

See the Pepto-Bismol pink county with “Greenville” on the map below? Well, we live on the eastern edge of it. As one of my FB friends who posted this said, “Not a forecast you expect to see down at the beach.”


Now, having fallen and banged myself up in the shower earlier, I am in a lot of physical distress that even a large spoonful of Nutella and a muscle relaxer haven’t been able to calm down.  Nasty weather is on the way and I’m in pain and I need heeeeeeellllllppppppp.

Hmmmm . . . this might help. Think warm thoughts. An inviting dip into the pool on a summer’s day . . .



Feeling better already!!

Now things are really getting hot . . .




In fact, they are sizzlin’!! Too hot to resist . . .


*sigh* Yes, yes I do . . .
Mr. A and a jar of Nutella. Now THAT’s a thought.  *drool*

Now if you aren’t thawed out enough yet, dance along to the grooves of LMFAO ’cause those ChaRActers are sexy and they know it (and so do WE)!

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      • Ditto on the winter front. We have not had a winter like this in 10 or 12 years, a bit spoiled. I have never liked the cold even when I was a small girl.

        • We don’t normally get as much cold weather as we have this year. And this will be the first measurable snow and projected ice storm in several years. It’s been warmer in Alaska some days than it’s been here.

          • My BIL works in Petersburg Alaska during the summer months and he has told us that they are warmer the whole winter than us. Summer’s are cooler which he likes. Me I don’t like it hot or cold, somewhere in the middle will do just fine. Cold just goes though me and hurts.

            • The cold affects me much worse now than it once did. I do get chilled to the bone at times and because we have no central heat, every time I go from a heated room to unheated part of house, I get chilled again. And even when it warms up some during the day outside, the house often doesn’t recover from the previous night’s freezing temps. It’s kind of hellish for someone with FMS, but all you can do is the best you can!

              • I got frostbit in the toes as a baby and have always had problems with my feet. These days add the knees and the ankle I broke to the list. I don’t know much about FMS other than what I have learned from you but it seems that weather changes are very hard on you. Stay warm as best as you can. We had no central heat my whole childhood so I do understand what that is like. We use to close off rooms in the house during the winter months to try and keep in warmer.

  1. I think the world weather needs to meet in the middle somewhere and reach a compromise- it’s fine where I am at the moment, but South Australia and Victoria are experiencing further heat wave conditions- 40 degrees Celsius. Keep those woolly mittens handy, Angie!

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