Sir Guy is gonna melt ole Leon–’cause he’s HAWT. (NEW edits! old vids!)


Well, it’s been quite a week in Lower Alabama. A cold, icy, snowy, slick, downright dangerous week. Yes, much of our state was more or less shut down by Winter Storm Leon, and no, it’s not because we are a bunch of pantywaists who don’t know how to handle a couple of inches of snow.  It’s the ice, ice, baby, underneath that snow.

Try navigating around in sub-zero temps on hilly terrain coated with a solid inch or more of the frozen stuff, with few resources and limited manpower in place to remove said ice, and see how you like it.  Thank goodness it’s continuing to warm up and most of what’s still out there should be gone later today. We have temps of near 70 degrees forecast for the weekend. Yes, in Alabama you CAN wear snow boots and flip-flops in the same week. ‘Cause that’s how we roll . . .

So here comes the magnificent Hot Velvet Henchman, the Sultan of Snake-Hipped Swagger, the Leather-Clad Man with the World’s Sexiest Smoulder, to really get that warm-up underway.   ‘Cause he’s hawt like a sauna!!







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  1. OMG, that first photograph: talk about *swallows hard* and *legs turn to jelly*! We’ve been so used to seeing him look completely gorgeous and adorable these last few months on the red carpet, in interviews etc that I, for one, forget his ability to look so devastatingly terrifying! *fans herself despite the cold*

    • So wrong and yet so RIGHT is how I describe it. You know you are supposed to be repelled by the loathsome baddie, and yet—-*thud* *swoon* I will always love my Guy and every frosty, furious, devious, deadly, smouldering, searing gaze he can throw at me.

      • *squeee* 🙂 I always welcome this first photo with the biggest glee on my face 🙂 ..imagine happy dog’s face 😀
        Hope you are feeling little better (((Angie )))

        • It’s one of those *guh* photos of our Guy, isn’t it? 😉 Imagining my Rascal or Buddy Dog’s faces when they are delighted to see their old mum. LOL Well, didn’t get much sleep, but I do feel better right now than I did when I woke up yesterday–this is a plus! 😀

  2. “Cold late nights so long ago when I was not so strong, you know–a pretty man came to me, never seen eyes so blue.” Part of the lyric from “Magic Man” one of my favorite songs by Heart–sound like anyone we know?

  3. Definitely overheating here, Angie 😉 Oooooooh, you’ve dredged up some images I’m not sure I even seen. Simply awesome and medieval magic man – yum. And the hot stuff video is pure digital lust. Love that song anyway, even if it does normally conjure up the small-but-perfectly-formed Robert Carlyle in The Full Monty 😉

    I have to admit I’ve been playing away with Michael Fassbender recently but seeing these pics has brought me back home… there is only one hot henchman, after all.

  4. It’s proper cold in Munich and I am clutching a boiling hot hot-water bottle to my chest as I type. Suddenly I feel like overheating. Oh Guy… Thanks, Angie!!!

    • Well, I am so glad this could provide you with a good warm-up, Guylty. We had all that horrid cold and ice here but it’s going to be nice this weekend. And you are so welcome! 😀

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