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Love for MarieAstra

Love for MarieAstra

Hi, guys! This was my entry for the RA Secret Valentine Challenge–a ficlet with some familiar faces (or is it face?!) for fellow blogger and Ardent Armitage Aficionado, Marie Astra! Be sure to check it out! ❤ Happy Valentine's Day to all!

RAworld Secret Valentine 2014

It was Valentine’s Day morning in the Big Apple. And Marie Astra was about to get a big surprise as delicious as a slice of New York cheesecake . . .

“Wakie wakie, dear girl.” That voice sounded oddly familiar. And much nicer than her alarm clock.

Valentinedayformarieastra.jpgShe opened her eyes and looked up into a sunny, smiling face. A lock of floppy dark hair threatened to fall into his own eyes, a stripe in his cozy-looking jumper matching his peepers’ striking grayish-blue color.
“Harry? H-Harry Kennedy?”

Harry flashed a disarming grin and nodded. “The very same. We are here to wish you the happiest of Saint Valentine’s Days.” He held up a colorful floral tin with a fluffy pink bow tied around it. “My contribution—buttery shortbread biscuits, shaped like hearts. Made them with my very own hands.” Harry waggled his brows along with one set of long, elegant fingers…

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I Heart My Henchman: Guyday Friday, Valentine Style!


“What day is it, Ladywriter?”

Oh, yes, he was positively purring. Just as she expected.  He did so love being the center of attention.

“It’s Friday . . .”

An eager rumble. “Yesssss . . .”

“Which would make it–Guyday . . .”

And . . .” His eyes and teeth were gleaming in anticipation.

“Yes . . . it’s ‘I Heart My Henchman’ Day here at TAE, my dearest Dark Knight.”

Sir Guy gave a triumphant toss of his magnificent ebony mane and an equally triumphant sniff. He really did look the very image of a gorgeous black stallion, Ladywriter thought . . .

Happy Guyday Friday, Valentine Style! XOXOXO from the Hot Velvet Henchman and LW and her whole household!