For so much more than meals . . . remembering that dining room table.


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Musings from a Mid-Century Modern Girl

It’s funny what one piece of furniture, a well-worn object of no particular value (save sentimental) can come to mean to you. The dining room table in the farmhouse in which I grew up was far more than just a place for us to eat together. 

Most of the family’s meals were actually served in the cozy nook of our big country kitchen. The dining room’s Duncan Phyffe reproduction table were generally reserved for Sunday meals after church, for holiday celebrations and when guests came.

Joe Ova Sara Christmasedit 1982

But it served so many other purposes for our family of five. That dining room table was a perfect place to draw and letter posters for school, church and community events. One had elbow room to ponder the difficulties of the “New Math” and the vagaries of irregular French verbs.

Imagine the pungent scent of Magic Markers mixed with the clatter of the Smith-Corona. Add…

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  1. The dining room table was a pretend fortress, pirate cave, etc., but it was also my parents’ battlefield until I took over the cooking, a place for jigsaw puzzles and board games, a place to do crafts, and where Christmas cookies were set to cool on a half dozen racks. It was where I served my first holiday turkey dinner, where I served my first glazed ham and scalloped potatoes, my first roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.

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