Which Guy look trips your trigger? Series 1, 2 or 3?


Happy Guyday Friday, everyone! Yours truly is feeling a little on the rough side today, but I find Sir Guy is always good for what ails ya.  Whether he’s sporting black leather or a pirate shirt, nape curls or a glorious mane, he’s always a treat for the senses.

I think most of you know my favorite Sir Guy look was in Series 3. From the tortured, tangled-maned boozy Guy in his Floppy Black Pirate Shirt and Marvel of Engineering trousers, to resplendent Glamour Guy, fresh from Prince John’s Red Door Salon and Spa, glossy and brimming with confidence, I found the look sexy, compelling and suitable for the arc of  near-operatic grandeur provided for the ChARActer in the show’s final season.



1_165dddAs much as I loved his buttery-soft, clingy black leathers (and I do!), I also admired how his “Milanese Fantasy” costume from S3 emphasized his physical attributes– the jacket design playing up the broad shoulders, slim waist and that generous backside, the trousers showcasing the powerful thighs and teasing us with the contrasting laces . . . and all those buckles and straps looked as if they could be–fun. Challenging.


And while I have a soft spot for the “Guy Mullet” ( I have a soft spot for Richard’s hair, period), he worked those S3 hair extensions like nobody’s business. RA incorporated the extra hair into the character arc, using it in early scenes as a filthy curtain to hide his self loathing and shame, later flicking black the glossy strands with a proud, tempestuous toss of his head. A beautiful black stallion came to mind. *sigh*

8f9ae10f_o (1)

So how about you? What’s your favorite Guy look? Series 1 with the amusing mustard cravat and the fetching nape curls? Series 2 with the rocking all-leather ensemble? Or Series 3? Do tell! Happy Guyday Friday!!



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    • The Floppy Black Pirate Shirt reminded me of those swashbucklers I loved to watch as a girl . . . the dashing, dangerous, romantic figures they cut. And with Richard emoting inside of it? Dead sexy.

  1. Series 1 for me… Nape curls all the way… 😉 Especially in that episode with the necklace… (7?) – you know the one I mean 😉 And that last pic clinches it…!

    • 😀 Helen, I should point out the last photo is actually from S2–when he had the leather vs. the cloth trousers. 😉 As for the ep with the necklace, ahhhhhh. Those close ups of him are to die for. Nape curls, Guyliner and delicious stubble. All good.

  2. I am a child of the 80s – mullet-love for me, please (not a fan of long locks, although Thorin has subtly changed that…). I just adore the nape curls, and I love how the bangs hang into his forehead. Makes you want to reach out and push them back. Plus: The black leather. I love black. Black all the way for the black knight.

    • Hmmm, wonder if me growing up in the 60s and 70s is why I love his long locks so much?
      Cause I do . . . although I also have a keen appreciation of the touchable nape curls and floppy fringe, too. Note I did like dressing Guy in the 21st century version of his leathers in TAC. Buttery soft black leather and black silk . . . *sigh*

  3. My favorite Guy look? The Pants of Seduction, the poet shirt, the nape curls, that black undershirt that he put on while we all groaned, and I also liked the leather coat he wore to his non-wedding. Overall, I prefer Season 3, but my absolute favorite look? It’s a tie between Wet!Guy after Marian saves him from Bobbin’s attempt to drown him, and the shirtless scenes when Marian showed up when he was trying on what would later turn out to be the most ridiculously ugly armor in the history of ever, while Bobbin spied like a voyeur through the window, and we groaned because Marian did not touch him. How could she not touch him?! If she had been smart, she would have swooned right into his arms so he would have had to carry her…somewhere. *cough* Oh, Guy! 😉

    • The pleasures of Wet Guy. If only he’d gotten wet every episode. And topless. The whole show would have been MUCH improved, agreed, Mujer?! I still have trouble getting my head around the fact Marian managed not to touch him. Of course, Forest Boy didn’t help things (pervert).

  4. I love all three series’ looks, for all the reasons you give (are you sure you don’t read minds?! LOL) but I think it would have to be S3 which has the edge for me. Guy was truly beautiful then, especially when he was all cleaned up. I’m not really a fan of long hair on men, but for him and Thorin I definitely make an exception! 😉

  5. It has taken me days, and I still cannot decide. 🙂 I like Clean Guy of Season 3, but I also like him in the other seasons just as much. What’s a girl to do? 😉

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