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New Assorted and Sundry RA Collages for Your Viewing Pleasure


Just a few collages with quotes and pics/fanart of Richard/his ChaRActers I made this week. Some have already shown up at my FB page, The Richard Armitage Effect. Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend! (PRP *finally* has a gig shooting two pageants Saturday. I anticipate being thoroughly tired and sore but happy to be working again).


PicMonkey Collageconfidence

PicMonkey Collagegentleman


Sir Guy: The Most Toothsome Knight of ALL! Mmm, mmm, good.


65f18346_o (1)guyadamsappleAnd no, we aren’t just referring to those dazzling white chompers he too rarely displays (but, oh! When he does—be still our hearts).

Toothsome: (adjective) 1. Pleasing to the taste; palatable, delicious 2. Pleasing or desirable. 3. Sexually alluring. Synonyms~tasty, appetizing, mouthwatering, scrumptious.  Definition provided by Dictionary.com & Bing Dictionary.

Sir Guy–from the top of those touchable jetty tresses to the tips of those big, beautiful feet (let us help you out of those boots, my lord, and give your pinkies a nice massage . . .”), he is definitely toothsome. Oh, myyyyyyyyyy. Yummmmm.

Those kohl-rimmed azure eyes, giving those smouldering glances that could peel the bark right off Sherwood Forest’s trees (and the clothes right off Nottie’s wenches), the sensual lips with that delicate Cupid’s bow that begs to be traced with a finger tip (or tongue?) . . . the strong jaw with the stubble that a girl longs to stroke, the noshable swan-like throat, the magnificently masculine nose, the tempting raspberry-like nipples of the amazing chesticles, the—-*sigh* *swoon* *thud* (Damn, didn’t make it to the long, strong, lean horseman’s thighs AGAIN!)
Yep, he’s mighty toothsome!!




BeFunky_rh108_091 (2)guygrinsht




aaa202_120 (2)