MoRe CollAges and Catching Up . . .



I felt somewhat out of the loop with the RA fandom for a few days. That thing called Real Life crept in, which is a good thing really, because it meant work for the video production company last Saturday, and me being busy with related activities.

Those included being asked to write a feature story and provide photos for a picture page for the newspaper at treble my normal column rate of pay. Which doesn’t leave me rolling in dough, but it does mean I am earning some of my daily bread.  That and the sale of a small bisque pitcher vase to a friend yesterday cheered me up. 😀


new lauren collageedited.jpg

It also meant time with extended family–my brother-in-law and sister-in-law Bobby and Pam were visiting from San Antonio and staying with another BIL and SIL, Paul and Donna, in Montgomery. So there was a trip to Montgomery to visit with a gathering of family members from the area on Sunday, and the four of them also came to Greenville on Tuesday to share lunch with us and a little shopping at a local flea market. Yesterday, my Real Life activity of helping animals came into play with a meeting of the humane society. I feel as if I am somehow coming out of hibernation . . . even though today is feeling a bit more wintery again than spring-like!  Physically, I don’t feel great; mentally, I am in a good place. This is a blessing.

In terms of Richarding, I *finally* got to see the 2nd and 3rd parts of the Anglophile interview this week. YT was not cooperating when Part 2 came out and I was not available when the final part came out. So I enjoyed delayed gratification . . . and you know, there can be something very satisfying about not gorging oneself but taking your time and savoring all the goodness. Because there is *so* much to appreciate, isn’t there?


edited smile Collage

Well, time to mix up the tea, check on the dishwasher and feed the dogs. In other words, RL calls once more. Hope you are all doing well!

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  1. Love all the collages. And congratulations on the jobs – all done and dusted yet? Ugh, the post-production 😦 You must feel exhausted. But it is great and gratifying how a done job always raises the satisfaction levels. Here’s to many more – jobs (and collages too :-D)

  2. LOL, the *other* Wonder Twins! Hello, you two. Guytly, we finally got all the stills (a total of 139 out of 340 shot that day) uploaded to a site today where they can view them for possible purchase. Still plenty to do in terms of editing the two DVDs. The moms and girls love the various collages I have made. You all know I love playing with photos . . . we are trying to see if we can do our high school alma mater’s pageant next week. We have the arts council performance we will be doing at the end of next month and hopefully more things in between.

  3. I am so glad to hear things are going well for you. Your collage is beautiful, the subject matter and the concept.

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