So much on my plate, my darlings. But a little (literally) bit of Chop for you.


Found on pinterest and posted by L.

And I actually enlarged this just a tad. Assuming it was shot with a camera phone in a very small file size. Still, it’s fun to get another glimpse of the character.

Wydville tell me she is reading the book the film is based on and it’s a tough go–not bad writing, you understand, but the hardness and grittiness of life as experienced by these individuals is an eye-opener. She also says she has a hard time envisioning our tall, slim, handsome, refined Richard as “Chop,” and on the surface, he really doesn’t seem like a perfect physical match for Bernard, does he?

Then again, as I responded to her, if we had only seen RA as Guy, Thornton, Lucas or Porter–could we have ever imagined him as the awkward, painfully shy, virginal farmhand John Strandring? That was quite a transformation, too. And he’s managed to convince us all a lithe, elegant dancer of a six-foot, two-inch beau ideal can also be a stocky hirsute warrior dwarf.
He really does love submerging himself in his characters (versus submerging himself in water, which he can heartily live without).  And I am pretty much a believer in the Amazing Acting Powah that is Richard Armitage.



Anyone else gotten their book and started reading it yet? What are your impressions? Do you think RA will make a convincing Chop? I am still waiting for my copy to wing its way overseas.

As for Real Life, I’ve been working on the most recent video project and editing photos and collages for the video production company, along with doing a little copyediting for Benny’s boss for pay. I stayed up all night Saturday to work on a new version of one vid because I just wasn’t happy with the first one. The DVDs are done, hooray, other than needing to duplicate any more for additional sales (fingers crossed!).

Next weekend we have a family reunion on my dad’s side at a local eatery (at least one of my sisters is going to attend :D), an informal memorial service to videotape for a sweet friend who lost her husband recently, and “Bark in the Park” which we will be shooting video and stills for. The busyness of spring is kicking in.

I also continue the never-ending quest for some quality sleep. Maybe the doctor will be able to help me with that next month (appt. three weeks from today). Pets and hubby all doing well. Scarlett is growing like a weed and gets prettier every day (to me, anyway).

Love, love . . .


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  1. Yes to your graphic – many faces, all convincingly portrayed.
    Do you really want to know people’s opinion of the book? I hope it won’t spoil your fun, but here’s mine (no worries – no plot spoilers, only remarks on style and characterization) – I have received my copy last week and am in chapter 7 at the mo. It is actually un-put-down-able (my slow reading pace is due to having visitors), fairly fast-paced with a steady progression of plot, interspersed with flashbacks that explain the background. There’s a lot of slang in there, as you have undoubtedly already heard, which adds to the grittiness and feeling of authenticity of the book. However, the first person narrator often uses it when he is giving *his* point of view, and that’s when I find it slightly inappropropriate and artificial. But that does not take away from the shocking, but also humourous and often tragi-comical story. Knowing, that this *was* (and still is) real, makes it a haunting social commentary.
    As for the character of Chop – even though he doesn’t spare himself the self-criticism, he still comes across as a likeable, intelligent, benign character, intent on doing the best for others rather than himself. The boy Urban you cannot but like – he is a smart kid, his heart in the right place, forced by his own cruel fate to live the way he does – like most of his Shed Crew friends. A powerful story which, I think, will translate very well into visuals, both in your own mind as well as on the screen. Definitely worth reading.

    • Yes! This is just what I was looking for—people’s overall impressions of the books without giving away any major plot points. I am willing to spot Hare points on stylistic choices if he engrosses me with the story, and that sounds as if it’s definitely going to happen. Really looking forward to reading the book and seeing the film. Why do I suspect I will fall in love with Chop as I have so many other characters? . . . *sigh* Glad you liked the collage. Just popped into my head. Between RA and PRP and all our beauty queens I have gone collage crazy. But I make money from the beauty queens . . . so it’s all good.

  2. I’m bouncing up and down like a cat on a hot tin roof–I’d thought I might have my book by now, since it’s only coming to Maryland from New York, but no such luck yet and it turns out that Barnes and noble vendors do not offer any kind of tracking. Which is VERY annoying. However, with all the varied roles Richard has taken on and made astonishing successes of, I find myself with no doubt at all that he will crawl inside the skin of Chop and make him amazing as well.

    • I have found that 4th class media mail can definitely take its own sweet time—even within the US and from not that far away within it. And it always seems the more eager I am to get a book, the slower the mail is. Murphy’s law, I suppose. Just looking at that collage I made was, for me, a reminder of what an extraordinarily versatile actor this man is. I am sure he will, indeed, be amazing and compelling in this role.

      • I never think of him as being anything else–I just hope it won’t be one of those cases where it takes forever for the film to make it to this side of the pond. Of course, with his profile rising over here, it may help to have the film released here sooner.

      • I am one very happy camper in spite of the snow–the turtle express arrived today and I have my book! Just reading the book jacket, I think Richard is going to be completely amazing in this role. Can’t wait to see this movie.

        • Hooray, hooray! No snow here, but much cooler and the wind is roaring like the proverbial lion. So glad you’ve got the book and you’ll have to let us know your impressions, too.

          • Today we’ve exchanged the snow for howling winds (although the snow is still with us) so we have trashcans and recycling bins flying around out in the street–did begin my book last night and so far, it has not been nearly as difficult to read as I was anticipating. Some parts have me LOL for the humor in the situations and also picturing Richard in them already.

  3. Glad to hear that things are going much better for you Angie!
    Lovely collage, and I’m really looking forward to adding Chop to that list of fabulous chaRActers. 🙂
    Thanks Guylty for your impression of the book – I am waiting impatiently for my copy to arrive from the States.

    • My copy has arrived from the UK – *duh* too much of a hurry ordering it to even remember where from!
      I read the first five chapters in one sitting this afternoon and am already looking forward to getting back to it later this evening. I agree whole-heartedly with Guylty’s summation. It’s a confronting eye opener into a whole other world, but surprisingly easy to read for all that. Strangely enough – or maybe not, given Richard’s characterisations in the past – I am having no trouble seeing him as Chop in my mind as I read.
      It’s definitely not the kind of book I would have chosen, but as usual, Richard is continually pointing me in new directions.

  4. Read mine in two days Angie, really enjoyed it couldn’t put it down. It’s very gritty, soul searching. thought provoking and sometimes quite funny. Didn’t think I would enjoy it not my sort of book really only read it ’cause RA is involved. (Shallow or what). Can’t wait to see this I know RA will do us proud. Hope you are feeling better Angie.

    • I have very eclectic tastes in general—books, music, art, decorating—so I felt pretty positive after initially reading the book reviews. This feedback is only making me all the more eager to read it. And hey, think of all the books that people wouldn’t have read if RA hadn’t been somehow attached—and then they really found they enjoyed them! A win-win situation. I got about four hours of sleep this afternoon after not being able to rest last night—this big weather change with freezing temps is hitting me hard—and that has definitely helped, thanks for asking!

  5. I ordered the book on the 14th at Amazon UK and it arrived on the 19th!

    I have read the first 100 pages, haven’t had time to read more yet. I agree to what guylty says about the content. It’s at times shocking, but also humorous. I was expecting the vocabulary to be more complicated (e.g. slang words), but so far it is languagewise a surprisingly easy read for a non-native English speaker like me.
    The role of Chop will be a challenge to Richard, but I’m sure this really is his dream role in many ways, something he has been looking forward to – and so have I! I’m so pleased and excited about this project. It is a very important story that needs to be told.

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