Just Call Me the RA Collage Queen. Boom, Boom, Boom!



Well, it’s fun and when you can’t sleep, it’s a nice way to pass the time. A mixture of collages and FB covers I’ve made this week. Hope you enjoy!

guy facebook cover



Try saying the above 10 times fast. It’ll make you giggle.


Mulligan facebook cover.jpg

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    • Glad you liked. My sleeping patterns are just thoroughly messed up LOL I slept four hours yesterday afternoon after no sleep the night before. No sleep last night, but I can feel it coming on today.

  1. Love your pictures and sense of humour… totally love R.A! lost 14lbs in weight when I’fell in love with him’ (over 6 months ) not trying , but couldn’t sleep couldn’t eat, just got inspired to do art work (R.A’ face) and fanficGuy and Marian stories for myself and friends, my husband says that R.A is the cause of my insomnia (and your lovely youtube music vids.).. he says I get too ‘het up’ by it – but hey, he gets the benefits so who’s complaining?! This gorgeous guy must be the one who’s launched a thousand libidos! Mine included. Perhaps your insomnia is caused by the same reason? Love Lin

  2. Great collages Angie, the shower one gave me a giggle. I enjoy putting collages together. Why settle for just one pic of our lovely man when you can have multiples?! 😉

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