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*ooof*: An Act of Philanthropy


This “ooof” is particularly fun. 😉 Enjoy!

Me + Richard Armitage

A new image! Oh, if that isn’t something that gets the Army excited… Even after a flurry of photos from CinemaCon, WonderCon and the Empire Jameson Awards. But wait… hold on… something looks familiar.

tumblr_n4q1ckYFdc1sgjiqvo1_400 Benign, poised, demure Richard Armitage in a shot by Sarah Dunn 2014

A b/w of Richard Armitage – dropped into our laps like an act of philanthropy after sufficient teasing by someone who knows how to use the marketing tricks of the trade photographer Sarah Dunn. I had expected an as yet unseen image from Dunn’s shoot with Armitage last year. Instead we receive something current *yeh* with the sleeked-back let’s hide the 90s footballer ponytail *meh*. Initially I was slightly disappointed as this looked like a half length of the larger group shot that Adam Brown photographed from the current Empire “Director’s Cut” edition and tweeted. But careful perusal revealed that this is actually…

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There’s a reason I am not around a lot lately . . .


PicMonkey Collagebehindscenes


After a long drought, Pecan Ridge is very busy right now. This week our arts council’s annual musical fundraiser takes place Thursday through Saturday. Last night was the dress rehearsal, but we’ve been going to rehearsals for weeks now. I am putting together a behind-the-scenes featurette to add to the footage we will shoot tonight at the second dress rehearsal and Benny will edit tomorrow (he’s taking a vacation day).


I did five on-camera interviews with key people tied to production, and did some acting hamming it up for a pre-show video that will be displayed on the big screen with 70’s music clips and our sponsors’ names. One of my two alter egos, Poppy Moonchild, is depicted above.  Below is disco diva Cassandra Devereaux (the theme is “The Magic of the 70s” so we have a mixture of hippy-dippy stuff and protest songs with disco hits).

I’ve been shooting and editing photos and video and I love it, I really do, but I am tired with “miles to go before I sleep,” and I ache in assorted and sundry places. Tomorrow is my only day off this week (in the sense I won’t be going to town) but I will be working here at home. Benny and Harry are also shooting our alma mater’s beauty pageant and the elementary school’s musical “Peter Pan” this week while I focus on selling DVDs at the show and assisting behind the scenes.



PicMonkey Collagemagictodo

Now, we are a little town of approximately 8,000 people in a largely rural south Alabama county–but I have to say we have some phenomenally talented folks who can sing, dance, and sew beautiful costumes (one lady does all three). So proud of them and all their hard work! The monies raised through sponsorships and ticket sales for the show will go to pay the artistic fees for professional productions such as touring Broadway musicals, concerts and plays–the same productions you normally have to travel to a much larger city to see. Yeah, I am proud–can you tell? 😀









Sir Guy is reading–‘Urban’?? and Ladywriter tries to get RL Ducks in Row


Sir Guy was loafing on the blue loveseat in the living room, long legs crossed at the ankles and draped across the back of the furniture. Scarlett was draped across his well-toned tummy while his handsome aquiline nose was tucked into the paperback in his hand. The Bernard Hare book, of all things. Would wonders ever cease?

“So that’s where my book got to!” Ladywriter, her arms folded across her chest, smiled down at the duo. A pair of kohl-rimmed blue eyes (nicely accented by the color of the upholstery) peeped at her above the edge of the book.  Did she detect a hint of sheepishness there? NOT that he would admit it.

“Urhm . . . yes, well . . .” Sir Guy sniffed and gave a nonchalant shrug of his Floppy Pirate Shirt-clad shoulders.  “Thought I might just–take a peek. Since you have not yet read this tome,” he added in a faintly accusatory tone. Standing up for his CReAtor, was he?

Ladywriter sighed. “I told you, my dearest dark knight, my mind has been going in a thousand different directions of late and I’d like to be able to concentrate on the story as it deserves.” Her mouth curled into a smirk. “And some of us have to work at building our business for a living, you know . . . ”

Sir Guy raised a brow. “And some of us had to–perish–in a particularly nasty way to get to enter this Valhalla known as the Land of the So Not Dead.”

Ladywriter bowed her head. “‘Tis true, Sir Guy, and I do not begrudge you one minute of your much-deserved happiness.”

He gave her a gracious nod in return.  “Thank you, my lady.  It was your idea in the first place, the entire SND thing . . .”



“And once the craziness of this weekend and the first part of next week are over, then, perhaps, I can settle down and read the book.  In the meantime, I’ve got interview questions for several people to write for our bonus feature on the POTR video, along with a script for my hippy dippy video jockey from the 70s to do, and Benny will be shooting me in front of the green screen Sunday, I’ve got a Tuesday luncheon date with our yogi we are shooting an instructional vid for, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage to shoot Tuesday night . . .”

Sir Guy stroked Scarlett, who proceeded to purr softly as she squinted at the big, handsome fellow she adored.  It was good being Ladywriter’s cat. You got to meet the most interesting ChaRActers . . .


“And–a doctor’s visit Monday?” He tilted his head. “You KNOW you haven’t been feeling that well of late, either.”

She shrugged. “No, but I was hanging on for that appointment. At long last. WITH my former student, no less.  A very intelligent and very sweet young man. He’s gotten raves from his other patients. So–I have hopes . . .” She crossed her fingers on both hands.

“So–enjoy the book and tell me what you think, and be patient with me, dear Sir Guy. You KNOW you are still my favorite ChaRActer . . .”

And always will be.




Wow, if that’s true, it would be amazing. Gary Oldman may make a cameo?


And more info from the ever-trusty Servetus!

Me + Richard Armitage


“Who else are you negotiating with?”

We’re negotiating with Richard Armitage of “The Hobbit” and Nadine Velaszquez, of “El vuelo” and the series, “My name is Earl.” The producer is negotiating with him for the main role, that of a journalist who arrives in Peru because of the history of the casa Matusita [a well known haunted house], and with Nadine for the role of his wife. It will all depend on his calendar. She [the producer] spoke with Gary Oldman, who’s very good friends with Malcolm McDowell, he’s agreed verbally to do a cameo, but nothing’s confirmed.

¿Con quiénes más están negociando?

Estamos negociando con Richard Armitage, de “El Hobbit”; y Nadine Velasquez, de “El vuelo” y la serie “My name is Earl”. La productora está negociando con él para el papel protagónico, el de un periodista que llega al Perú por la historia de la casa Matusita, y con Nadine…

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More information on the Old Vic Crucible production


Looking more official . . .

Me + Richard Armitage

I wasn’t gonna get invested until we had an official confirmation, but here’s the production’s home page. Tickets start at £10. Very prestigious director Yaël Farber: “hard-hitting, controversial works of the highest standard.” Award-winning designer Soutra Gilmour.

OK, Servetus, stop this and go to bed.

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More information on the Old Vic Crucible production


Looks like it’s official . . .

Me + Richard Armitage

I wasn’t gonna get invested until we had an official confirmation, but here’s the production’s home page. Tickets start at £10. Very prestigious director Yaël Farber: “hard-hitting, controversial works of the highest standard.” Award-winning designer Soutra Gilmour.

OK, Servetus, stop this and go to bed.

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Guy is here and he’s bringin’ the smirks, smoulders, struts and snarls!



Soooo many “S” words suit our super sexy Sir Guy–smirking, snarling, smouldering, slinking, strutting . . .

He IS the hottest baddie turned goodie. The hottest baddie, or goodie, period.




Happy Guyday Friday, my darlings!!

The delightful & dashing Mr. A & Real Life Stuff with Fedoralady


So, I feel as if I am w-a-a-y  behind in terms of the Armitage blogs, FB pages, et cetera,  and keeping up with Armitage World these days. Part of it boils down to issues with my computer and my “Country High-Speed,” which is to say, not very fast at all. And there are problems with my Windows Live Mail, which of late is not very lively.  Still, it’s better than no internet at all (as I found out during that long week when I did without).

Part of it is that my mind is going in a thousand different directions (I really do begin to wonder if it’s all the FMS or if I have developed some sort of adult-onset ADD).



Now that April has arrived, Real Life gets much busier for us re community events and video production company work.  And I am doing more writing for pay–not a lot, but more. Yay! And part of it all is my sleeping patterns are all screwed up (perhaps even more than normal), so I am often not online when others of you are.  So–if you are reading this–“HELLO!” *waves cheerily and grins*

So–I have managed to do some photo editing in fits and starts involving our beautiful boy’s most recent appearances. Here are some examples of what I’ve done, some of which have already appeared on Pinterest and at my FB page, The Richard Armitage Effect.  I hope you enjoy, and I hope you are having a good week.

P.S.~ I got my Urban book this week–hooray!–but as I have been boning up on the finer points of our Papa Bear camera, I have postponed getting started on it. This weekend will be busy with three events–a family reunion luncheon and an outdoor memorial event to shoot for PRP Saturday, and our humane society’s Bark in the Park on Sunday, which we also plan to video and shoot stills for. Thinking of waiting to begin the book until next week . . . getting better and better at this delayed gratification stuff.