Happy Guyday Friday: Ladywriter’s been ill, yet strangely happy


5_033guybeauty“You have been quite the–what do you call it, in modern parlance?–a nightbird–of late?”

She smiled up into those blue eyes, their lids, lashes and sardonic brows so artfully shaded, blackened and lined, it was enough to make the girl at the Clinique counter green with envy.


How can a man indulge in so much cosmetic artifice and still look so danged manly and drop-dead sexy? Oh, well, at least I can always borrow his makeup kit if I misplace mine . . .

Ladywriter pressed a tissue to her mouth as she coughed, then cleared her throat.

“Night–owl, Sir Guy. I’ve been quite the night owl.” Her voice was still scratchy after her recent bout with the Crud, but she wasn’t looking quite as “weak-eyed” (as her mama used to say).  “I think I’m like Sonya, the dance teacher and choreographer for the Ritz show–I often feel most creative and productive after dark. I get on a roll with the video and photo editing for Pecan Ridge and I–go with it.”

Sir Guy raised a single dark brow as his lips twisted into one of those trademark smirks. “I’ve often done some of my best work at night as well . . .”




Ladywriter sat back and folded her arms across her chest. “Mmm-hmmm. I know. I wrote about some of your best–work, remember?”



His mouth twitched, a teasing gleam appearing in his azure eyes. “Indeed . . .” Sir Guy flicked back a stray lock as he tilted his head. “And, I hope–shall write about me and my adventures again?” There was a wistful note in that deep rumble, a question in that sidelong glance.

Oh, dearest Sir Guy–I have rather neglected you of late . . . but it’s sort of now or never for us in Real Life.

She gave him a reassuring smile as she reached out and clasped that big, elegant hand.

“Never say never, my dearest Dark Knight . . .”

Happy Guyday Friday to all!





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  1. Aaaaaaaaah, welcome back, both of you 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better, Angie.

    You know, that top pic is possibly what we’ll see on stage this summer (well, at least in the first act!)

    • Thanks, my dear. I have improved a lot since Sunday, but I definitely had to opt out of Bark in the Park that afternoon. I sounded and felt horrible. However, Benny manfully went forward and shot both stills and video at the event. Just made a music video using the some of the footage and stills, too. He’s a great guy to work with . . .

  2. Feel better soon! I hope you consider changing the ComicCon Trip Fund to the Crucible, as SDCC sold out months ago and RA may not be a sure thing there, plus getting into the room will take queuing experience.

    • Oh heavens, I should have changed that ages ago . . . that’s from an ill-fated plan for two years ago. It’s been used to donate some funds to our humane society so I left it up. There’s no way I can go to CC and certainly not to London, as lovely as that would be. As I told another fan, I’ve given up on the whole idea of ever seeing him in person. Only in my dreams, as the song says.

  3. So sorry you’ve been under the weather, Angie, hope you feel better soon–and here’s to the sexiest Dark Knight ever!

  4. Sorry you have not been feeling well Angie, hope you are feeling better. Loved this little snippet with Sir Guy. I have my ticket for The Crucible, Am I excited? You bet I am. Take Care xx

  5. The weather lately has been, well, the kind of weather that makes one under the weather. Glad you’re okay.

  6. Welcome back, to both you and our favourite velveteen henchman. I hope you are feeling a lot better soon.

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