Daily Archives: May 30, 2014

YT vid of RA discussing role of John Proctor. Feeling excited now.




Well, obviously he looks great. Servetus is somewhere drooling over that beard, methinks. Love the stand-up collar on the leather jacket. He sounds wonderful. And it seems John Proctor is a role he really, really wanted to do and now it’s the time. So happy for him getting this opportunity and happy, if slightly envious, of all those who will able to see him in the flesh in this play in London.  *sigh*

Of course, we can’t shorten the character’s name to JP without confusing him with John Portah. Here’s to the second JP–John Proctah!

Once you go black (knight) . . . Happy Guyday Friday!




Happy Guyday Friday to you all! Still having considerable trouble with my left wrist, so I am continuing to limit my online time in terms of responding to comments, etc. anything that requires me to utilize my entire hand. I promise I will try to catch up. And thanks for all your comments of late. 😀 And now without further ado, more sexy Sir Guy!