Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

An RA-Liscious Surprise from Guylty (and fellow fans). & a ‘thanks, ya’ll’ from me


Today was one of those in which Fedoralady’s get-up-and-go had gotten up and gone. Tired, achy, wrist still bothersome, I just crashed, enjoying¬†periodic kneading and “noms” from Scarlett. Benny arrived home after shooting some practice footage of Sonya’s upcoming big production and said, “Hey, bet you are the only one around here who got a package from Dublin in the mail today . . .” He tossed me a tempting-looking parcel.

“It must be from Guylty!”

And indeed it was. And here is what it contained:



Yes, that is one of Guylty’s own gorgeous photos of our RA from the German premiere of DoS last year. *squee* And Thornton’s Chocolates, espresso dark chocolate, which I have never sampled before–and yummy Guy stuff—AND my very own Lucas shrine! Apparently fellow fans voted me the one most deserving of receiving this objet d’art so all I can say is “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I also received a truly lovely note from Guytly, which is one of those you save and re-read from time to time when you need an uplift, and I have to say that this note and gift really improved a less-than-stellar day.

So here are a couple of little gifts from me to Guylty and to all of you.  Mmmmmmwwwwwhhaaaaaaaaa! XOXOXO