Daily Archives: June 12, 2014

He’ll be my light, my match, my burning flame . . .


As most of you know, Benny and I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the busy-ness of our video production business in the past weeks (this, of course, is a good thing, although my injured, aching wrist isn’t so sure about that).   So I’ve just briefly popped in and out of Armitage World for the most part. The lovely thing is knowing it’s always there for me when I do need it and have the time to play.

Today, I had time to play.










What powerful images Mr. Brooks the photographer has given us. I do not presume to “improve” on the perfection of his images, just do a little creative tweaking. I look at these images and see so much emotion, overt and covert, so much of what I imagine are the innermost feelings in the heart, mind and soul of this character. And, of course, I cannot overlook the mature masculine beauty before me.

Mr. Armitage, you look every inch the distinguished actor of the theatre here. I know those who will see you are beside themselves with excitement . .