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“So much raw emotion . . . ” Feline Female’s review of TC preview


In case you missed it, this is the report that Feline Female left at my last blog post. All these accounts just make me want to see this exciting theatrical performance all the more! Thanks, Feline Female, for sharing with us.

Hi we were there on the first night performance, and it was powerful theatre from all the cast but Richard made you really feel the anger, frustration, tenderness and despair.

There was a standing ovation at the end for the whole cast, then Richard stepped forward and the noise of clapping trebled thunderously and he gave a little smile. I think he nearly went hoarse – he showed so much raw emotion. Afterwards he spent at least an hour at the stage door signing autographs, having his photo taken, and being hugged!

He speaks very quietly and gently and seemed genuinely touched by his fans, being so approachable, such a sweet guy. I hope it gets an excellent review from all the theatre critics.

It began at 7.30 and finished at about 11.30 with an half an hour interval so they all worked tremendously hard, and my heart was in my mouth when Samantha Colley ( Abigail ) leapt right up high onto his back and shoulders and brought him down to the ground like a little wild cat! we were just 4 rows back and it was lovely when he stripped off his shirt to wash! ( My heart was in my mouth then as well but for different reasons!!) – Loved him !


From Pop-Verse.com: RA delivers “spectacularly strong performance” & some edits


“Armitage has enough down-to-earth likability mixed with stage presence and an ability to deliver impassioned speeches to deliver a spectacularly strong performance.” 

Megan Leigh, “Theatre Review: The Crucible at the Old Vic”

Read the entire review by clicking on link below. Leigh also offers some history of the theatre and background on Miller’s play, and provides some practical suggestions for audience members in preparing for the event.
**PLEASE NOTE** (I have been advised there are some errors within the review on the background of the play. Thank you, Dr. Servetus)



That’s a pretty good description of our boy, isn’t it–down-to-earth and likeable, but also graced with stage presence and a real intensity.  That unassuming nature of his also possesses a lot of discipline and focus–and a strong work ethic that, combined with his undeniable talent, translates into these strong performances.





It will be interesting to see what the professional theatre critics have to say about Richard’s performance. Judging by the reactions of preview audience members that I’ve read, including those who aren’t necessarily RA fans, I do think most, if not all, of what will be written will be positive. The entire cast’s performance seems to be highly regarded. I am so happy that Richard is surrounded by such a talented and dedicated group of fellow actors this summer.