“Storm”-y silliness and serious stuff; or Help! I’m photo editing & I can’t quit


Remember tomorrow (Wednesday, June 25) is the premiere online of the newest trailer for “Into the Storm” at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, noon Central and 1 p.m. for the East Coast. In honor of the occasion, I’ve done a few tongue-in-cheek edits of some of the most recent promo stills for ITS. (Aren’t we glad they changed the name? Would hate to refer to an Armitage project as BS . . . just sayin’ . . .) And one more Proctor edit, because I swear that character is haunting me (and I haven’t and won’t see him on stage, unless they do make a DVD . . .) What can I say? It’s the Armitage Effect. 😉 And really, would we have it any other way?





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  1. I’ve had the privilege to view your RA videos and etc. I just know I will enjoy your blog. Here’s to a great assc. I am a big fangirl and do definitely have “The Armitage Effect.” Yea me.

    • Wow, “privilege” to see my stuff! I am blushing like RA right now. Thank you!! Always glad to welcome another fangurl to the family. Yep, you’ve got the Good Taste Gene allowing you to appreciate the awesomeness that is Richard Armitage. Thanks for commenting and following the blog! 😀

  2. Will definitely be seeing “Into the Storm”–only sorry I will not be seeing “The Crucible” unless (1) I win the lottery or (2) we can actually convince them to make a dvd of the performance for sale. Still working on it!

    • Stephanie, I’d have to win a fortune and also use part of it to speed through a new passport for myself . . . a girl can dream, though. *sigh* Hoping that DVD comes through.

      • If it doesn’t, it certainly won’t be for lack or trying on the parts of many, many fans–I just think they’re crazy to pass up what could also be a large source of revenue for the theatre.

        • Yeah, seriously, in this economy, don’t turn down a “sure thing” . . . they have a dedicated fan base (NTM the theater goers who will want to relive the experience) eager to own this.

          • It’s always been my experience that theatres are continually crying for funds–this is a sure thing, I’d think with not so much outlay on their part and the distinct possibility of a huge return considering Richard’s (now) worldwide fan base. I’d imagine that many people also who actually get to see the performance would like to have the dvd to watch again and may turn into fans such as we are even if they weren’t before. It would be a win-win for the Old Vic, and we are doing our level best to convince them of that.

  3. I loved the Monkees adaptation (tho we are showing our “generation” by knowing that song) but, I swear, the high-waisted slacks one had me on the floor. Thanks for the afternoon chuckle, FedoraLady!

    • Yeah LOL I’d seen so many comments about RA’s clothes for this film not being his usual style—but the fact is it’s a perfect look for an American high school teacher/asst. principal in Oklahoma. Go High-Waisted Slacks-Wearing Heroic Hunk!

    • Thanks so much, Phylly! I have to say I am particularly pleased with that one. I even showed it to my husband, both the photo before editing and my finished work. He was pretty impressed.

  4. Your captions are charming and cute. This article was reposted on Facebook through Richard Armitage US, and now I am going to follow you. Richard is like water: there is no such thing as having too much.

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